October 2, 2022

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Solar cells on cars - wallpaper

Solar cells on cars – wallpaper

Let’s say you are on vacation with an electric car and there is no charging station nearby. Wouldn’t it be useful if you had a roof full of solar cells? The car can then recharge itself slightly each day without having to do anything, and only a parking space in the sun is recommended. Some automakers are going beyond just rooftop cells, adapting their design to allow more room for the cells to generate more “free” energy. The only question is what is the significance of that. Is this something every (electric) car should have because every free kilometer on solar is a great bonus or is it a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist and are there better ways to sustainably charge?

solar car

The term “solar car” appears more and more often. The Dutch light year is proud of itself and calls it the light year One Zero is always a solar-powered vehicle: a solar-powered electric vehicle, or SEV. This more or less means that it pertains to a car with a different powertrain. We are also familiar with the one-person skinny cars in which teams from universities lead competitions, which are also called solar cars because they are filled with solar cells. In both cases, there is a battery, but it is relatively small. However, the Dutch government decided to make solar cars a separate category and reward buyers with add less. As with hydrogen cars, the value-added discount applies to the full value, while it applies to electric cars powered by batteries up to 40 thousand euros; On top of that, the regular 22 percent is applied. These cars must be fitted with integrated solar panels “where the energy needed for propulsion is stored in a battery pack that does not contain lead and the solar panels have a capacity of at least one kilowatt.” Only cars that have made solar cells an integral part of their design meet this requirement, such as the Sono Sion and Lightyear Zero mentioned above. At the same time, an increasing number of major auto manufacturers are offering an optional sunroof for certain models. This option is also known as a “solar roof”.

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