June 10, 2023

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Something annoying was said to Sinan Polat, this is how the goalkeeper reacted: “He was the first.”

Sinan Polat has already had a great season with Westerlo. It was unpleasant for him to be benched towards the end of the season, especially since it was against his former team, Standard.

The Standard fans who traveled with him chanted his name last Sunday after the final whistle. However, it was Nick Gilkins who got the chance to take a seat under the crossbar at Westerlo. “The qualifiers are a good time to involve the whole group,” coach Jonas De Roijk explained his choice.

“Nick has proven in cup matches and also with what we’re seeing during the week that he deserves this opportunity. It was a very easy choice for me to give him this opportunity.” Gillicks didn’t have much work to do, but he was confident in goalkeeping. “What it brings is no surprise to us.”

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The clean sheet was a nice bonus for the former OHL cap. “We have a lot of quality among the goalkeepers. They also keep each other in check in training. I’m very happy for Nick that he was able to put in this performance.”

De Royck praised Polat’s reaction: “I think Sinan dealt with the matter with great understanding.” “He thought it made more sense than what we did to give Nick that chance. He was the first to give Nick that performance. There’s a lot of respect among his fellow goalkeepers. It only makes us stronger as a group, which for me is a positive.”

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