December 1, 2022

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Sommers: 'Junya abandons people' |  interior

Sommers: ‘Junya abandons people’ | interior

Flemish Community Minister Bart Sommers was harshly criticized in the Flemish Parliament by Unia. The in-house Center for Equal Opportunity states on its website that it is no longer dealing with files on Dutch language education and housing in Flanders pending the Flemish exit from Unia. The Minister for Open Vld finds it “amazing”. It seems that “Unia is letting people down”.

The Flemish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Commission gave the go-ahead for the establishment of the Flemish Institute for Human Rights. This institute should absorb the Flemish exit from Unia – planned for March 2023.

The Unia website indicates that, pending discharge, the center will continue to register discrimination reports for Flemish competencies. But then it follows: “Unia does not open new files regarding discrimination in the field of Dutch language education and housing in Flanders”.


It was the Flemish MP Tom Ongina (Open Vld) who brought the matter before the committee. He described Yunia’s position as “outrageous”.

He was supported in this by the Minister of Society. “What Yunia is doing now is unacceptable,” Summers said sharply. According to him, Unia is abandoning discriminated tenants. “We’ll pay Unia until March 15. We’re making a contribution so that Unia can protect these people. Now that they’re saying they don’t do that anymore is totally unacceptable,” says Summers.

“Even if we stop paying them, an organization like Unia can be expected to continue to defend these people. Sommers concluded by saying”