February 6, 2023

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Sonek on the transfers: “Abuse of the voice in Club Brugge is a kind of capital destruction” |  Jupiler Pro League

Sonek on the transfers: “Abuse of the voice in Club Brugge is a kind of capital destruction” | Jupiler Pro League

Aster Nzeyimana and Wesley Sonck guided us through the last half hour of transfer deadline day at VRTNWS live studio last night. What did the presenter/commentator and analyst say about some of the last-minute transfers?

Astor noted that Mercato has been quiet for a few years now. Despite the pressure on clubs, the urgent need to ship unhappy players or players still leads to deals in those final hours.

“With regard to the latter, I can say from my own experience that the transition in the winter is not so obvious,” said Sonk. “I never want to do that again. Even if you don’t always play for your team.”

The two saw in gink race Ike Ogbo (to Troyes) and Karel Eating (Back to Huddersfield Town) Left. “Ogbo’s story in Genk never began,” says Sonk.

“I thought it was very strange for Cyril Desires to leave. He suits Genk, he has potential. But he somehow struggled with confidence. Last year he hit a good Unwacho, but somewhere you think he’s going too far. If not now.”

Is Genk now having a problem with the striker, because Ogbo was the second man behind Onwacho? Sonck: “There are still a few boys in the youth ranks, but it is too early for them. The level of the U23 competition is not the necessary level. U23 should play in 1B quickly. The most talented is Luca Oyen, but this is not a deep striker. He can Andras Nemeth, maybe that’s the choice.”

Dutchman Etting’s contract has been terminated. Sonk: “It was never an added value. That’s also the difference between playing football in Holland and Belgium. Physically, it’s disappointing in our country. And in Huddersfield he didn’t always play everything.”

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It is the transition period AA Gent Fail? Sonk does not think: “A few of their strongholds – Ngdio and Tisudale – are in the African Cup and Fadis and Depuitre are not fit. If they come back, that’s half of the transfers.”

Perhaps Andras Nemeth is now an option as a deep attacker in Genk.

Wesley Sonic

“Sound? I call it Club Brugge’s fault”

Club Brugge rented Kamal Sowah, his record purchase of 9 million, to AZ. Esther asked Sonic, “Isn’t this an admission of your fault?” “That’s actually a lot of money, but if you see him playing for OHL… you also think he knows the competition and he’d be better at a better club.”

“But I talked about it a while ago with Karel Geraerts, an extra-time guest: Playing football in OHL or in a big club is completely different. It can be difficult for him.”

Aster also knew that Soah played a specific role behind striker Henry at OHL, but the club would not allow him to play in that way. Sonk agreed: “I call this a bug. Teams look wrong there. You look for a specific profile, then you get it, but then don’t put it in that place. Then you ruin some kind of capital.”

“At AZ, Sowah will finish at 4-3-3. Where will he play there?” Aster defines: “On the right as with OHL perhaps.”

in the leader union see them Deniz Undev Go to Brighton at the end of the season. Aster judged he lost shape in his early months a bit. Sonic knew “that’s normal”. “A player can’t perform at the same level for an entire year, unless there are a few absolute top players. Undav is no exception. He may be in the doldrums now, but it’s important to be at the top in the playoffs.”

(read under the picture)

Denis Undev.

“Dembele really doesn’t deserve to play for Barcelona”

Abroad also discussed. Bee Barcelona They have yet to announce the arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (from Arsenal). to Ousmane Dembele Barcelona did not find a solution this winter.

The Frenchman does not want to extend his contract. What should he do? Sonck: “If I was in Barcelona, ​​I’d stay there. This is the boy who got everything from Mother Nature: speed, left foot, right foot.”

“But when I hear the stories of recent years: playing Playstation until midnight, not eating well, injuries… you don’t get involved in that and you really don’t deserve to play in such a big club.”

“It’s a shame. I read that he’s changing his lifestyle, but I think it’s too late for Barcelona.”

You haven’t seen anything moving around the Red Devils who are at the end of their contract, the Witsel and Denayer kind. “These guys are smart enough to wait,” said Sonk. “You don’t have to transfer in order to transfer. If you wait, there will be offers. Clubs don’t have to pay transfer money, it’s easier

to pick.”

Aster and Sonek have taken one more deal: Dele Alli from Tottenham to Everton. Aster: “He hasn’t been at the same level since 2019 and lost the Champions League final. Mourinho said he didn’t have any mental appetite anymore and that he was no better under Conte.”

Sonck: “What happened to that boy? So the problem wouldn’t be with the club and the coaches, but with themselves. You know when they start thinking: When their careers are over.”

Ousmane Dembele.

Aster and Wesley discuss the procedure for transition deadline day: