March 30, 2023

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Sonos delays product introduction, supposed to be Sub Mini Subwoofer – picture and sound – news

Sonos said it has delayed the release of an upcoming product by a few months. Maybe a Sub Mini. Sonos releases quite a few products annually and would have liked to introduce the product this summer.

Sonos CFO Britanny Begley says in Discuss quarterly numbers That the company decided to postpone the product to give it a better chance of a successful release. “In light of the slowing economy (…) and continued supply constraints, we expect a challenging quarter, so we have decided to postpone the release of a product to the next quarter. This will provide better timing for the release.”

When it comes to the Sub Mini, it won’t be released this month or next, but in October, November or December. This coincides with lucrative holidays, which means Sonos has a new and attractive product on the shelves. Sonos is lowering its forecast for the quarter.

Information about Sub Mini appeared in June Through FCC approval. Sonos usually have products approved one to two months before they are released. There was one before Introducing the outside from the subwoofer. At the moment, Sonos only sells the Sub Gen 3 as a subwoofer. It is now on Pricewatch for €749. The Sub Mini is expected to cost less.

Introducing the alleged Sonos Sub Mini. source: the edge
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