July 20, 2024

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Sony and NEC: US ​​sanctions against chip manufacturing won’t deter China in the end – IT Pro – News

Sanctions imposed by the US government to prevent China from making advanced chips will not deter China in the long run and will not help stem the rise of China’s AI development. That’s what top people at Japanese companies Sony and NEC say.

Sony CEO Hiroaki Kitano tells business newspaper the Financial Times The growth of China’s technology sector largely depends on the development of artificial intelligence and sanctions will not affect it. “The driving force behind the development of artificial intelligence in China is access to big data sets. I don’t know what impact US sanctions will have on that.”

With this, Sony’s CEO joins a colleague at the Japanese NEC who also sees no long-term effects of the sanctions. NEC CEO Takayuki Morita said something similar earlier. “Personally, I think the conflict between the US and China will hinder China’s technological progress in the short term, but it will not change the trend. China’s development in technology cannot be ignored, it will become a power. It must be taken into account in the long term.”

The US government has long imposed export restrictions to prevent Chinese companies from making advanced chips. This led, among other things, to Huawei discontinuing its own Kirin socs for smartphones. Additionally, the US is trying to ensure that Dutch ASML is not allowed to supply EUV and DUV machines to Chinese companies. The US wants Japan to act too. Earlier, ASMI, the Netherlands’ second largest chip manufacturing supplier, warned against it Trade restrictions are getting out of hand Against China.

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