July 21, 2024

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Sony reveals Final Fantasy XVI will remain PlayStation 5 exclusive for six months – Games – News

The big difference is there. This, for example, is Valheim’s hit on Steam. Then the step of passing game and xbox is smaller than pc to ps5.

Really, almost all the games I mentioned are from independent developers who have made great headway on PC. I think that’s a pretty big difference with Square Enix and Fromsoftware who get paid big to keep their game off their xbox.

Who cares if they are independent developers? So because they are independent developers, does it matter? The point is, Microsoft paid them to become an Xbox exclusive. All of these games will also arrive on Playstation later when the deal with Microsoft expires. Why aren’t they coming to Xbox and PlayStation at the same time, but is Microsoft specifically indicating in the marketing that this is a time-exclusive offer?

And these really independent developers haven’t made much headway on PC. Ascension is the developer’s first game, the medium developer has already released PlayStation games before that, disdain is the developer’s first game, the first game by developer High on life on ps4, the first part of ark was on ps4, it was replaced by the developer’s first game, exomecha It is the first game from this developer and I can continue. Basically this only applies to Stalker 2 and Walheim.

ES 6 is just coming to PS5, it’s already been promised, from the start, Call of Duty is coming to PS5.

I just gave you a source where Phil indicates it will be an Xbox exclusive….so where is your source where this is promised?

Final Fantasy is just a game that’s always been on Xbox and now it’s suddenly an exclusive. Isn’t that crazy? You mentioned the very first games, yes they sometimes appear on one platform.

Have you always been on Xbox? Only since ff13 has a game been released on Xbox. Before that exclusively for PlayStation. Then 14 was exclusive again and 15 was multiplatform. The 16th and ff7 editions are once again exclusive to PlayStation.

But it is not known anywhere that Microsoft is paying large sums to keep it out of PlayStation.


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100 million to keep Tomb raider away from PlayStation….really a sequel that’s been on PlayStation before.

Microsoft pays in full for the games to keep them off the PlayStation. It all started in the Xbox 360 era. Ace Combat 6, dead or Alive 4, Splinter Cell conviction, ridge racer 6. etc

But I think it’s a pointless discussion with you. You really keep citing everything irrelevant to prove you’re right.

Oh. You yourself mentioned the following:

Personally, I think the big difference for me is that Sony actively deals with companies to later release their game to a competitor for a fee. Kind of the same thing I have with the Epic Games Store. I’m not like this.

Then it was pointed out that Microsoft largely keeps games away from PlayStation and has downplayed those games that were only Indies games or were previously computer games. So yes? Games are also coming to Playstation. But only later because Microsoft bought the exclusivity.

Stalker 2 is an Xbox and PC exclusive, dude this series is a PC exclusive.

ARK just came out on PS4 and now the surprise ark 2 is Xbox ezclusive? Damn how is that possible….

Just like every bloober team game just released on PlayStation and suddenly the medium is a temporary exclusive?

Other than that, submit some news articles featuring exclusive deals rather than throwing in some random names here.

Like this you mean: