September 22, 2023

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Sophia Bush Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Talk About Chad Michael Murray: 'It's Not Worth My Time' |  Famous People

Sophia Bush Explains Why She Doesn’t Want To Talk About Chad Michael Murray: ‘It’s Not Worth My Time’ | Famous People

Famous PeopleSophia Bush (39) and Chad Michael Murray (39) not only formed a duo on One Tree Hill, but the actors have also been a real-life couple for a while. A period Bush would prefer to leave behind, it turns out. During a new episode of the podcast “Inside of You”, the actress made it clear that she no longer wanted to talk about her ex-husband.

“It’s not worth my time,” Sophia Bush explained during the podcast. In addition, the actress also said that she is simply not allowed to talk about the situation. “I tried to be lukewarm about the situation, but then my words suddenly took on a life of their own. Suddenly I was talking about someone I wasn’t in touch with anymore.”

set boundaries

In addition, the “One Tree Hill” actress learned from previous interviews that it is important to set boundaries regarding her past relationships. When Sophia gave an interview, Chad’s name was almost always mentioned. “Do you want to talk all the time about something stupid you did when you were 21? And that’s when you now have a full career?”

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray met in 2003 on the set of “One Tree Hill”. The two finally gave each other a yes in April 2005, but only five months later, the actors actually broke up. Murray tied the knot with Sarah Romer in 2015. The couple have two children together. Sophia Bush has been working with Grant Hughes since early this week. The latter got down on his knees while the two were vacationing in Italy.

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