July 25, 2024

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Spain also confirms its favored position through an impressive comeback against Georgia

Spain also confirms its favored position through an impressive comeback against Georgia



  1. 18′ – Own goal – Robin Le Normand (0 – 1)
  2. 39′ – Goal – Rodri (1 – 1)
  3. 41′ – continued. Otar Ketishvili by Sandro Altunashvili
  4. 44′ – Yellow – Alvaro Morata
  1. 51′ – Goal – Fabian Ruiz (2 – 1)
  2. 52′ – Cont. Pedri by Dani Olmo
  3. 63′ – Continue. Luka Lucochvili by Giorgi Tsitishvili
  4. 63′ – Continue. Giorgi Chakvetadze to Zoriko Davitashvili
  5. 66′ – Cont. Marc Cucurella by Alex Grimaldo
  6. 67′ – Continue. Alvaro Morata – Mikel Oyarzabal
  7. 71′ – Yellow – Zoriko Davitashvili
  8. 75′ – Goal – Nico Williams (3 – 1)
  9. 79′ – Continue. Giorgi Gvilciani Written by Nika Kvikveskiri
  10. 79′ – Continue. George Mikautadze by Bodo Zivzevadze
  11. 81′ – continued. Dani Carvajal by Jesus Navas
  12. 81′ – continued. Fabian Ruiz by Mikel Merino
  13. 83′ – Goal – Dani Olmo (4 – 1)

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Robin Le Normand

0 – 1

Robin Le Normand






1 – 1


Fabian Ruiz


Fabian Ruiz

2 – 1


Nico Williams


Nico Williams

3 – 1


Dani Olmo


Dani Olmo

4 – 1

What list wouldn’t Spain be at the top? Despite conceding an early goal, La Roja also swept Georgia. Neco Williams, among others, once again played a starring role in the 4-1 win. We are waiting to face Germany in the quarter-finals.

Highlights Spain – Georgia

Spain – Georgia in brief:

  1. key moment

    Le Normand’s own goal was a huge shock to the Spaniards, but shortly before and after half-time, La Roja completely corrected the lopsided situation. Rodri and Ruiz take Spain from 0-1 to 2-1 and then the brave Georgians are in trouble. Outclassed Spain rallied on cruise control to claim a huge 4-1 win.

  2. Man of the match

    Nico Williams continues to deliver the best performances in this European Championship. Tonight he was once again decisive. He offered Rodri the equaliser and settled the game himself with a brilliant move and finish. His first goal in this European Championship was an instant beauty.

  3. distinct

    He continues to search in vain for his first goal in this European Championship, but Lamine Yamal already has two assists. He is the third teenager to provide multiple assists in a European Championship, after Enzo Scifo at Euro 1984 and Cristiano Ronaldo at Euro 2004.

  4. statistics

    Perhaps the best proof that Spanish tiki-taka football is a thing of the past: Rodri’s goal was the first Spanish goal in the European Championship from outside the penalty area since Euro 2000. Raúl then scored from a long-range shot in the group match against Slovenia.

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Dominant Spain is terrified

Spain and Georgia faced each other twice in European Championship qualifiers last year. Who would have thought that they would meet again in the European Championship finals? For Georgia, making its first European Championship appearance, the fairy tale could only get better and miraculously it did.

After about 20 minutes, the Georgians caused a mini-landslide in Cologne. Against the run of play, a brilliant counter-attack made it 0-1. Kakabadze managed to advance down the right and with Chvetsia Kvarachelia at the back, Le Normand turned the cross unluckily into his own net.

Mamardashvili had already thwarted a Carvajal goal in a stormy start for Spain, and continued his strong run at the European Championship after the opener. Cucurella and Williams also weighed in on the Georgian goalkeeper, and despite Spain’s dominance, doubts crept into the team.

With peace in sight, Georgia finally cracked. Rodri was given plenty of space on the edge of the box and fired the equaliser into the far corner. The fact that Morata may have been irritatingly offside during the shot was overlooked by referee Letexier and VAR.

Georgia should give a thumbs up to the Spanish class

Shortly after the break, Spain put a completely unbalanced situation right. Mamardashvili was again brilliant with a free-kick taken by Yamal Lamine, but it was after that that the Spanish prodigy made the difference. He dropped the ball perfectly at the far post and Ruiz was able to head it in unimpeded.

Yamal then also went in search of a goal to dethrone Swiss Johann Vonlanthen as the youngest ever scorer in a European tournament. With the ball clumsily lost, Kokhorashvili presented him with the ball on a plate, but Yamal shot wide.

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Fifteen minutes from time, Gvlisiani sent Yamal’s cross into the net, but the score remained 2-1 due to a slight offside. But not for long, because Williams settled the match immediately afterwards. With a sharp counter-attack he put Gvlisiani in the wind and with a high shot into the net he also defeated Mamardashvili.

In the final phase, Dani Olmo presented Yamal with two good chances, but things continued to go wrong for the Barcelona forward. First he collided with the inevitable Mamardashvili, then he decided wide. And then Olmo did it himself. With a clever shot he put Dvali in the wind and Mamardashvili had no chance with the well-aimed shot.

Despite a false start and the first goal scored in this European Championship, Spain advanced convincingly to the quarter-finals. They will face hosts Germany on Friday. Georgia can return home with their heads held high after a great debut at the European Championship.

Williams: ‘We have a great team’

Nico Williams He was once again one of the most prominent players in Spain. And afterwards he spoke to the press with a broad smile. “The own goal by Robin[Le Normand, ed.]was a mistake, but he recovered well afterwards. We all cheered him on and after that the game went as we wanted.”

“I’m very happy that we’ve reached the quarter-finals. We showed that we have a great team and if we continue at this level we can do great things. It will be difficult to beat Germany, but if we reach our level, then we can win.”

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Stage after stage


Spain did what it had to do and qualified for the quarter-finals. It took a little more effort than expected due to Georgia’s surprising opening goal. After the difference became clear in the second half, La Roja achieved a huge victory with a score of 4-1. Germany may face a more difficult task on Friday. Georgia won many hearts in this European Championship and can look back on it as more than a successful match.

An additional 3 minutes will be added.

Olmo live on Mamardashvili

Olmo can try again from outside the sixteenth. Centrally in front of goal and aiming directly at Mamardashvili.

In fact, Georgia imposes two more corners in a row. Elimination is inevitable, but the Georgians can leave the European Championship with their heads held high.

Books are available! Olmo aims for 4-1

Olmo increases the score

There is number four for Spain! What doesn’t work with Yamal, works with Olmo. With a smart shot he put Dvali in the wind and Mamardashvili had no chance with the well-placed shot.

Again not just for Yamal

Olmo offers Yamal a new chance. He gets some time and space in the penalty area, but eventually decides to go wide.

Yamal again did not pass Mamardashvili

Things continue to get worse for Yamal. After another good exchange with Olmo, he comes into his own in front of Mamardashvili, but spreads out well and deflects the shot.

Yamal collides with the Georgian goalkeeper

Olmo saves Georgia

Does Georgia still fear punishment? Williams unleashes his demons once again and puts his hand wide for Olmo in the penalty area. He decided to be too weak on Mamardashvili at close range.

Great work and goal from Williams: 3-1