July 16, 2024

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Sports director Rudhoft: “I don’t think it’s wrong for Van der Poel to start the tour quietly” |  a trip

Sports director Rudhoft: “I don’t think it’s wrong for Van der Poel to start the tour quietly” | a trip

“We haven’t won yet, but there were only 3 winners. We competed every day and we can look forward to the days ahead with confidence.”

Sports director Christoph Rudhoft does not complain after the Dane with the trio. Jasper Philipsen Fifth and third place. Sure, he was dreaming of more, but I don’t know if that was realistic.

“Fabio Jacobsen is the best sprinter in the world, but Jasper was on time on Sunday. You can’t ever say he sped away. He’s there. That’s a positive.”

“There will certainly be chances for Jasper, because he can survive something. Today’s trip to Calais is also an opportunity if the race is going normally. With this format it should be possible.”

“Jasper is more than just a runner, but at stages like this you come across types like Mads Pedersen. It’s not over for him. We can play our trumps in the coming days.”

One of those aces Matthew van der Polwho played a game of hide and seek at the time of the trial opening.

“He started this round a little slower than the last giro or the previous round. I don’t think that’s wrong,” says the sport’s director.

“On that round there was pressure on Mûr-de-Bretagne and the Giro start was perfect for him too. But I don’t think it’s realistic to go into a big round every time that way.”

“He’s been hiding a bit, but there’s something in the near future where he can do something.”

Then we think about Wednesday’s cobbled tour and Van der Poel himself declared that he still secretly hoped for it yellow

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“We have to be realistic: Wout van Aert is an excellent opponent who is not easily surprised. Matthew has to be strong himself to take that yellow card.”

“20 seconds can be bridged, but now that Wout is advanced… it won’t be so obvious.”