September 30, 2023

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Sporza Wintercircus, World Cup Predictions, MNM Street Champions: Here’s What You Can Expect From VRT During FIFA World Cup | World Cup 2022

From Sunday 20 November, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar can be watched in full on VRT. Under the slogan The decision is up to us VRT puts maximum effort into the shared World Cup experience. The broadcaster wants everyone – young and old – to be involved in the tournament as much as possible. Together we will support the Red Devils on their way to the Final.

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Visit the Sporza Winter Circus in Ghent

For the first time, the World Cup will take place as Belgium prepares for winter. That’s why she chose the iconic VRT Winter Circus in Ghent As a central location for its radio, television and electronic shows, as a base camp for the various editorial teams and as a reception and experience area for fans and supporters.

Spurza Winter Circus will be a hot spot to experience the World Cup. Everyone is welcome from morning to evening: to take a look behind the scenes, enjoy the World Cup atmosphere together or just relax after work or study. There is also a bar and there is always something going on, even on off days.

This way you will discover how VRT does sports reporting, whether online or on radio and television. You can also learn about different sports and the latest technologies that help the best athletes on their way to success. More information about From November 1, fans can also go there to reserve a seat for one of the live broadcasts.

Play World Cup predictions with your friends

Prediction between friends or colleagues is always an issue with Excel files, crumpled papers, or beer cards. Not with the Spurza World Cup predictions. With the new app, you can launch an online quiz about the World Cup in no time.

Play with your friends or meet some famous faces, such as Robin van Gogh, Wesley Sonic, Renate Schott, Finn Germens, Tybalt Christensen, Dorian Osimus and Astrid Demeur. It is very easy to play and completely free.

go to the and create a periodic. Invite friends, family or colleagues (via Whatsapp or mail only) and fill in your prediction. You don’t have to do more. Your league standings are automatically updated. So you have more time to watch football.

Whoever wins does not expect a cash prize or other financial gain, but eternal fame.

Brussels Studio in the Winter Circus

Starting Monday, November 21, Studio Brussel will also be a prominent presence at Ghent. Fien Germijns and Thibault Christaensen present the morning building of the Sporza Wintercircus with more World Cup interest, astounding studio guests and the latest news from Qatar.

Every weekday from 6 to 9 am, as long as the Red Devils are in the tournament. Hopefully until a good time in December.

During the World Cup, we present the Morning Collection by Studio Brussel from Sporza Wintercircus. In this way we heat the whole nation. This is an important task.

Finn Germens

MNM Street Heroes

MNM is organizing a real street football tournament in the run-up to the World Cup: MNM Street Heroes.

MNM Straathelden is a tournament featuring short matches for children aged 12, 14 and 16 years. At U12 and U14, girls and boys play mixed football, playing separately under 16 years of age. So there are four leagues.

Preliminary rounds will be held on Friday 11 November in Vilford, Sunday 13 November in Rons and Sunday 20 November in Beringen. The winners of these preliminary rounds in various competitions will go into the finals at Winter Circus on Sunday, December 4th.

Do you want to participate? You can register via

We are looking for young champions in street football. Who knows, maybe we’ll discover the new Tessa Wullaert or Romelu Lukaku. I’m very curious!

Dorian Osimus

Radio2: FC Niels & Wiels, FC Wéldoeners

It has gradually become a tradition: along with other supporters of the Red Devils, Niels Destadsbader and Miguel Wiels play all card football during all the major international football tournaments. FC Niles and Wales.

FC Niels & Wiels is there every day for the Devils matches, from 10am to 12pm. So definitely during the group stage on Wednesday November 23 and Sunday November 27 and Thursday December 1 and hopefully a few more times after that.

the campaign FC . donors A search for the best volunteers giving their best every week at one of the more than 3,700 local football clubs in Flanders. Ajmal’s “Donor Stories” will run for five weeks during Radio 2’s regional broadcast, starting Wednesday, October 19.

During the World Cup, Niels will visit a number of clubs that have taken an active role. Together they support the Red Devils in that volunteer’s canteen. We will see the result in Villa Sporza.

VRT NWS shows the other side of Qatar

There is also a downside to the World Cup in Qatar, which is a dark side that we will be highlighting with VRT NWS in the lead up to the matches. For example, human rights organizations raise the issue of the situation of women and guest workers in the emirate and questions can also be raised about the environmental aspect of this tournament.

This World Cup will be controversial and will spark debate. VRT NWS provides space for this discussion on various interpretation programmes, including The Morning on Radio 1, which will be broadcast live from Winter Circus on Sunday, November 20.

The situation and conditions in Qatar are discussed in more detail in news programs and on Karrewiet youth news and youth platform nws.nws.nws do the same, each in their own way and tailored to their specific target audience.

The Year of the Hero on Canvas: The Birth of the “Golden Generation”

In the run-up to the World Cup, Canvas takes a look at the six-part documentary series Championship year Back to the 2010-2011 football season. This was the year KRC Genk became a national hero, thanks in part to two teens who showed themselves to the general public for the first time that year: Kevin De Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois.

But a number of other top Belgian footballers also turned their heads that year for the first time. In other words, it was the birth of the “golden generation” that would eventually try to win the world title in December.

From Friday, October 14th at 9.20pm on canvas and immediately on VRT MAX.

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