November 29, 2022

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Square Enix wants to invest more in ‘blockchain and AI’ after Tomb Raider sale – Gaming – News

I think Square Enix is ​​a little lost. Or at least lose contact with the average player. AI? Well, games use that with non-playable characters, and that’s fair enough. Cloud gaming? It won’t spread, it’s now starting to go a little bit from an unpopular option to a little chosen one. NFTs? It’s especially popular among the crypto brethren, and maybe people who don’t understand it (by the way groups that have a lot of overlap) will tolerate it, otherwise people don’t really want to know.

Many players reluctantly tolerate the fact that microtransactions exist. Especially when it’s not just cosmetic items (like in Dota 2 for example), and especially when it’s not easy to get items via random drops (like in TF2). NFTs will never become more popular. But as with microtransactions, with NFTs, you’re bound to get a few whales that make them worthwhile. The sales market is not the average player, who might be willing to spend a few euros on some cosmetic stuff now and then. The target audience is the whale, who spend thousands of euros on microtransactions or NFTs.

What should NFT add to games anyway? Every implementation of NFTs thus far has either been a scam or something that has been better resolved with a traditional SQL database. Especially if the company starts working with NFTs, as they often want to retain full control of the blockchain in which the NFTs are located. Then you dismiss the only benefit of NFTs, which is that they are distributed and independent.

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