February 6, 2023

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Stany Crets organizes the Christmas show as "a nod to...

Stany Crets organizes the Christmas show as “a nod to…


Stany Crets will perform three “Great Birthday Shows” at the Elkerlyc Theater on Saturday, in honor of his 57th birthday. Each time for an audience of 200 people. The actor spoke out strongly against the policy of Culture Minister Jan Jambon last week and regards these performances as a statement.

Eileen Debbie

Stunny’s adorable birthday display poster couldn’t be more straightforward. Kretz is about to nibble on his birthday cake, which is decorated with a candle very similar to Minister Gambon. For Crets, this show is a statement. “Not only is it good to have a last-minute show with this permanent team, it’s also a signal to our government: We can’t be young. If we can only play in front of 200 people, then we will. And it’s going to be a big party, I guarantee you!”

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Together with his loyal companions Ann Van den Broeck, Dirk Van Vooren, Patrick Onzia, Laurenz Hoorelbeke and Helle Vanderheyden, Stany builds a show full of humor and lively music. Crets will play the performance three times: 2pm, 5pm and 8pm. There are a total of 600 tickets.

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