December 9, 2022

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Steam Deck 2, RTX 4090 Ti, Ryzen 7000

Steam Deck 2, RTX 4090 Ti, Ryzen 7000

This talk show about PC gaming is made possible by ROG and Intel. All opinions expressed in this video are our own. ROG and Intel have no say in the content and are watching the video for the first time like you are here on the site.

It’s time for our regular column covering everything related to gaming on PC. Even at times when it’s as hot outside as it is inside a computer, Koos and Daan sit behind the desk to catch up on the latest news and developments. So a new episode of PC Master Race is waiting for you. 110% pc game talk show. We are now at number 13. Time flies quickly when you are having fun. Today’s release includes Intel Raptor Lake i9, Steam Deck 2, and a new Ryzen APU. You can see and hear this and many other topics in PC Master Race #13.


The first performance figures were received from various sources for NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti. There will be game control benchmarks where 160fps 4K resolution with easy ray tracing has been achieved. This is a big step forward. But the question, of course: should you buy the GPU now or wait for the new series?

PC Master Race: Steam Deck 2 is coming

It won’t surprise you, but Gabe Newell confirms the arrival of Steam Deck 2. You shouldn’t expect this in the short term because the original Steam Deck is still on a delivery date of October 2022 or later. What would we like to see in a new mobile device? The bigger battery would be great, quieter cooling and possibly the OLED screen. There will also be a new AMD APU that will likely not only be used in the mobile device, and possibly also in the headset.

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