September 30, 2023

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Stephen Van Gucht was not surprised by the Corona numbers: “Pollution ...

Stephen Van Gucht was not surprised by the Corona numbers: “Pollution …


More people get infected with corona again. Every day about 2,500 people are now tested positive, while that number was much lower two weeks ago. However, according to virologist Stephen van Gucht (Sciensano), there is no reason to panic. “The fact that we are now going to face a wave of pollution was written in the stars,” he says. “Although it comes a little later than initially thought.”

According to Van Gucht, the higher infection numbers have not yet translated into higher hospital numbers. “It will also increase, but hopefully it will be less clear. As long as the hospitals are kept under control, the situation is somewhat under control.” The virologist stresses that we have to be a little careful, for example by wearing a mouth mask in really crowded places. “This way we can mitigate the increase in hospital numbers more easily.”

According to Van Gucht, tightening procedures or canceling things is not an issue yet. However, he didn’t want to rule out whether that would be necessary at all. Because at this point it is very difficult to predict how the numbers will develop further. I hope that the current trend will soon reverse.” According to him, it may also be good to stay under 500 occupied beds in intensive care. Now there are less than 200 people. (h h)

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