June 5, 2023

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Steve Boss ‘fundamentally changed’ by serious accident involving children: ‘I held his hand all night’

Two of Steve Boss’ children had a very serious accident last year. The idea that he would lose them, the Dutch singer (61) says in conversation with De Telegraaf, “was kissed awake” by the parent in him.

GVsource: The telegraph

His children were in the car with his parents when his father-in-law went into cardiac arrest and spun off the road near Cape Town. “We saw the car lying there, half in the water downhill,” says Boss. I was sure all four were dead.” But the Boss’ mother-in-law alone would not have survived the accident. Although the singer lived for three hours “with the absolute realization that they no longer existed,” before finding out that his children were still alive.

Bose’s son was seriously injured and taken to the intensive care unit. “I slept all night with his hand in mine,” said Boss. “I realized that it was probably one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life. To hold his hand all night. That is the strange thing about such an accident. What I say then: This is a gift I received.”

In his words, the whole experience was “fundamentally changed.” “Maybe I’m just learning now to really see love. You can sing about it,” says my wife. “You sing nice love songs, but try to practice it at home.”

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