January 28, 2023

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Steven Spielberg is under fire for commenting on 'Squid Game' |  celebrities

Steven Spielberg is under fire for commenting on ‘Squid Game’ | celebrities

The director of “West Side Story” brought this up during a discussion at the PGA Awards. The conversation focused on the question to what extent the success of the production depends on the famous actors and actresses. During the conversation, Spielberg said that Netflix is ​​paving the way for lesser known actors and actresses. “Today, anonymous people can play in films and series.” It was also called the famous Korean series “Squid Game”. “The Squid game comes along and changes everything for us,” Spielberg said, according to entertainment magazine Deadline. “Thank you Ted,” he continued, referring to Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix.

An IndieWire article about the director’s remarks has been shared more than 3,500 times on Twitter, noting that the actors have been known in Asia for much longer. For example, someone wrote: “Unknown. For people who only watch American entertainment, I think…” Another user comments: “It’s not that they are unknown, you are the one who has not watched Asian movies. When Lee Byung Hun appeared In the picture, she gasped.” According to the tweeter, the actor has been a household name since the ’90s. “People really think the world revolves around Hollywood.”

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