November 29, 2022

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Stichting Werk en Onderneming wants to create 700 new workplaces

Stichting Werk en Onderneming wants to create 700 new workplaces

SWO recently handed over its plans to local council member Yvonne Van Delft. (Photo: SWO)

If Leiden is to build thousands more homes in the coming years, employment should not be forgotten. This warns Director Ari Feig of Werk & Onderneming (SWO), which operates several multi-company buildings in Leiden. SWO wrote a note about this that was delivered to Economic Board member Yvonne Van Delft (GroenLinks).

“With more homes, more economy comes,” says Vig, who wants to start in Leiden North with an awareness of the first new places where start-up entrepreneurs can work for low rent. For example, adding 1,500 to 2,000 square meters of low-threshold business space on the Marnixstraat. As far as SWO is concerned, it doesn’t have to be a new build.

“An old school building can also be very convenient. You only get real neighborhoods if people don’t just live there,” Feig says. “There must also be enough space for entrepreneurship and activity.” In addition to new workplaces in the neighborhoods, Feij also wants to include part of the space in the V&D building in his plans.

Chris De Ward spoke with Director Ari Feig of Werk & Onderneming about their plan for hundreds of additional workplaces for small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs.

According to the SWO note, it is important to focus not only on the highly educated population, but also on areas of creative education, small entrepreneurship, craft companies, artists, and junior service providers. “Small Entrepreneurship with an Affordable Workspace Associated with.”

According to Feige, the demand for such spaces has been increasing for years, but the supply is lagging, especially in neighborhoods. “Without the good places, many entrepreneurs never start their businesses, and fewer of those new businesses grow into significant business engines.”

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With sufficient supply, SWO expects to be able to attract two hundred new tenants each year. Feij is looking to the municipality for additional workplaces. Public funds are also needed to cover the unprofitable summit.

In the early years it is believed that he would need eight tons for this. In the 1980s, the municipality also helped SWO financially, creating the organization as it is today. SWO now includes Haagweg 4, Olga Complex, Tieleman & Dros Business Center, a complex located in Ir. Driessenstraat and Framboos at the former auction site between Lammenschansweg and Zoeterwoudseweg.


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