December 8, 2023

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Tóch een Slutty Summer voor Gerard Joling: “Ik heb de pony lekker laten grazen”

Still slutty summer for Gerard Joling: “I have a pony…

Gerard Juling
Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Fotopersburo Edwin Janssen

The summer of 2021 was going down in the history books as the summer of love, but in part because of Corona’s ongoing measures, little has come of it. On the other hand, Gerard Golling has tried his own summer slutty in recent weeks. “I had a great time letting the pony take care of!”

The 61-year-old singer says he hasn’t been sitting still this summer. “I am in good shape and everything is still working fine, so I let the summer spend on me. Sun, rain, fun. And above all: a drink together.”

The fact that not much is known about Gerrard’s love life is mainly due to the singer himself. “I have colleagues who actually worked together on the red carpet after an evening with someone. I don’t feel like doing this. There’s sometimes love or affairs, but you can keep it a secret for a long time if you want to. Not everyone likes to be in all the magazines right away. “.

Joling has been in this field for more than 37 years, and is still well known all over the place. The fact that he is currently very active on social media plays a major role in this. “I’m too old for all the hype, but there is still an upward trend. I now have a total of over a million followers, isn’t that a shout out?”