December 4, 2022

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Stock Photo Banks Collaborate With AI Startup

Stock Photo Banks Collaborate With AI Startup

Despite the initial refusal, Getty Images and Shutterstock partnered with an AI startup on the one hand and OpenAI on the other to deliver artificially generated images.

Getty Images and Shutterstock are both platforms for photographers to showcase their photos. Companies and media channels, among other things, use them for a fee for using the images.

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But in the future, you can also get your own photos created with artificial intelligence. Shutterstock works with OpenAI to create custom images based on DALL-E. Getty Images announces a similar partnership with Israeli startup BRIA.

AI image generation is still fairly new, but it has seen a lot of technological progress this year. With DALL-E, it is enough to describe something and the AI ​​creates an image based on a lot of training data. Sometimes that results in silly things, but it’s also often very unique and hard to create images.

Little is known about the Getty Images collaboration. Shutterstock says it will integrate DALL-E in the near future, allowing users to create their own images. Those who provide the images get a fee because these images are used to train AI systems.


Although the trend is unexpected, there are a number of practical questions that remain unanswered. For example, photographers today are still paid for their work because it serves as source material. However, these fees may be disproportionate to what a photographer or digital artist earns when purchasing their work directly. If it comes to a point where stock photo buyers are quicker to choose AI photos, this could be a disadvantage for those who produce stock photos today.

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Partly for this reason, AI images have recently been rejected by these companies, precisely because it has not been clear who owns the copyright. This could be another legal dispute that will be clarified in the coming months.

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