July 22, 2024

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Stolen Music Shows Lana Del Rey Online: ‘Please Don’t Listen’ |  showbiz

Stolen Music Shows Lana Del Rey Online: ‘Please Don’t Listen’ | showbiz

MusicLana Del Rey (37) is calling on fans not to listen to her new music that has come out online. The unreleased tracks come from her laptop and hard drive, which were stolen from her car a while ago. The American singer says she does not yet plan to share her latest tunes with the world.

“Please don’t listen to music when it pops up on the internet, because it hasn’t been released yet,” the American singer told her fans. In a series of Instagram videos, she shares the story of the robbery. Del Rey had parked her car somewhere in Los Angeles a few months earlier, and upon her return, she found that her backpack containing her laptop, hard drive, and three video cameras had been stolen.

Her laptop contained not only unreleased songs but a new book she was writing. The book “She loved it with all her heart” and “She put so much passion into it”. She had already written two hundred pages and had no backup. “So I have to start over.” “I have no choice,” said Del Rey emotionally. Moreover, there were a lot of family photos and videos on the laptop, which I now lost. The American singer finally decided to delete the data from the laptop its own remotely.

“It’s not the first time something has been stolen from me,” she admits. Even at home, she already had to deal with thieves. For example, her Jaguar was stolen last February by Eric Everardo. He has visited her home several times without permission. The ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer has been granted a temporary restraining order against her stalker Del Rey who has repeatedly feared for her safety and that of her family. “I will continue to make art. I will not give up,” it seemed.

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