June 10, 2023

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Streams debuts for Flanders, cheaper broadcasting but with ads: “Not every family has 10 euros a month to watch our content” | MyGuide

Do you find streaming services a bit expensive? Good news: Flemish streaming service Streamz is launching a new, cheaper subscription with ads. You can then watch the same movies and series as with a regular subscription, but in exchange you have to watch ads: “We guarantee that advertising will not disturb, it must be of quality,” says CEO Bart de Groot.

In Flanders, Streamz is the first streaming service that comes in a cheaper format with ads. This has already happened abroad: in the US and Europe, a number of international streaming platforms already introduced cheaper subscription formats with ads last year.

“We want to enter a new market this way,” says Bart de Groot of Streamz. “And then it’s not about a few thousand new subscribers in the margin, we’re really focused on that.” Streamz with advertising costs 5.95 euros per month in the cheapest version.

Stream the same amount for less

So the new, cheaper subscription still offers the same series as the standard Streamz subscription being offered today. This is a conscious choice: “Not every family has more than ten euros a month to view our content,” says de Groot. Streamz did research and noticed that with the new formula they can attract families who also want to stream, but for less money.

Image from Game of Thrones. With a basic Streamz subscription, you can immerse yourself in the same series as with an expensive ad-free formula. © HBO

It remains the intention to go to the quality series, more and more domestic productions. “Our price is really competitive if you pay for six months or a year at once. High-quality series come at a price, and we don’t want to achieve standardization at a low price.”

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Selective advertising

Streamz won’t just show every ad: “We’re selective and we apply strict rules,” it seems. “Anyone who gets caught up in a two-hour series, for example, shouldn’t see the same ad six times, which will irritate them. We also check the content of the ads.”

In fact, children see no advertisement at all with their children’s profile. Striking: Streamz will also show fewer ads than “regular” TV, watch five minutes an hour. With a twelve-minute linear telecast. We at Streamz are also ‘big’ when it comes to advertising.

New formulas, new names

Customers who already have a Streamz subscription today will see their subscription name change to Streamz Premium. Other than that, nothing has changed for them. They can still watch on four screens simultaneously and download episodes for offline playback on the plane, for example. Existing Streamz+ customers will automatically migrate to Streamz Premium+.

Those interested in a Streamz Basic subscription can visit from May 22nd Streamz.be. Telenet Streamz Basic offers from June 5th.

that’s it Three formulas In Streamz from now on:

basic stream: from 5.95 euros per month. Up to five minutes of advertising per hour. Same Flemish and international series as Streamz Premium.

Streamz Premium: from 8.95 euros per month. Watch ad-free on up to four screens at the same time. The ability to create up to five viewing profiles and download episodes to watch offline.

Streamz Premium +: from 13.95 euros per month. Same experience as Streamz Premium customers, but with the latest blockbusters and international movies on top.

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