January 29, 2023

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Strict closure in the Netherlands: everything will be closed from Sunday until January 14

Strict closure in the Netherlands: everything will be closed from Sunday until January 14

“We are standing here tonight in a sombre mood, and I think a lot of viewers now will feel that too.” For example, the Dutch prime minister began his speech on Saturday in response to tougher measures against the spread of the omicron variant. “The additional press conference, four days after the previous one, does not bode well. Summing it up in one sentence: The Netherlands will be closed again as of tomorrow, and it will be closed again. This is inevitable due to the wave coming towards us with the Omicron variable.” According to Rutte, intervention is necessary to “prevent the worst”.

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Shops are open, only two contacts at home

As of tomorrow, almost everything in the Netherlands will have to close. For many northern neighbors, this means a lean Christmas, without visiting restaurants, cafes, museums or other cultural institutions, and also without shopping. Visiting a hairdresser is no longer an option, just like other non-essential professions.

The standard for home visits is up to two people. The cap also applies abroad Group size of two people. During the holidays, the maximum indoor and outdoor group size will increase to a maximum of four people from the age of 13.

completely Education must be closed Until at least January 9th. On January 3, the Dutch government will decide whether education can reopen after January 10. Primary schools were already closed until January 9 due to the Christmas holidays. For higher education, the Christmas holidays are planned until January 3. Out-of-school care should also be added.

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toBasics and services are an exception on closing procedures. For example, supermarkets, bakers, drugstores, drugstores, banks and mortgage lenders may continue to operate in the coming weeks until 8pm at the latest. It is also possible to pick up in restaurants.

over there ban event. Funerals have a maximum of 100 guests, weekly markets are excluded. Christmas markets are not allowed.

everyone Indoor sports sites are closed (except for swimming lessons). The outdoor sports grounds remain open for all ages between 5 AM and 5 PM. For adults from 18 years of age, it is allowed to exercise outside with a maximum of two people within 1.5 metres. Children and young people up to 17 years old can play sports outside and play matches in their own club.

It is certain that the procedures will continue until January 14. A new press conference on the evolution of the spread of the virus will then follow.

Delete for omikron

On Friday, the Ruta government advised to take tougher measures To slow the nascent omikron variable. This is despite the fact that infection rates in the country are currently declining. After all, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) expects Omicron to catch up with the delta right after the end of the year and it will be more common in the Netherlands. This means that nursing wards and intensive care units must prepare for a new wave of Corona patients, a wave that may be larger than before. So new restrictions were advised to quell a new wave of infection as much as possible. “There’s a wave coming that you haven’t seen yet in numbers, but if we don’t step in now, it will be too late,” Ruti said.

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During the press conference, Dutch corona experts stressed the number of unknown factors affecting Dutch public health due to the highly mutated variant. “We don’t know how sick you are, and it may be a while before we have data. That’s complicated. We don’t know what the hospital occupancy will be, but in England we’re seeing a huge increase in admissions.”

This is a huge setback, because it takes us back. We also know that booster vaccines revitalize the immune system and increase protection again. (…) But we are very concerned. And so we advised additional measures and strict measures, unfortunately.”