October 3, 2023

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Strong Belgian cats leave no stone unturned than weak China |  EC basketball

Strong Belgian cats leave no stone unturned than weak China | EC basketball

The Belgian Cats team is preparing for the European Basketball Championship, which will be held next month in Israel and Slovenia. We follow the preparations for the Belgian Women’s European Championship on this page.

Belgian cats exercise program
Serbia Belgium 64-66
Serbia Belgium 67-58
Belgium Greece 83-60
Belgium Greece 86-57
turkey Belgium 65-84
Spain Belgium 72-54
Belgium China 90-55
Belgium China 6/10 in Louvain
  1. 22:07 Belgian cats waltz across China. Belgium won their first two exhibition matches against China by a wide margin. In Kortrijk, the Chinese suffered a 90-55 defeat. China are world vice-champions, but only 4 players from the team that won silver at last year’s World Cup played at De Lange Munte on Thursday night. Taking on sloppy China was at no time a match for mighty Belgium, who applied plenty of defensive pressure and finished off attacking. In the first half, the difference had already increased to 25 points: 46-21. After the break, the national team coach Meziane was able to try to his heart’s content, but the match did not suffer. Everyone got off and the gap widened. Final score: 90-55. On Saturday, the Belgians will play Kats against China again, and then at a sold-out Sportuse in Leuven. This will be the last exhibition match for the Belgian women, who will open the European Championship against Israel next Thursday in Tel Aviv. .
  2. 22 hours 06. Belgium – China 90-55 (first half: 46-21). Quarters: 21-17, 25-4, 17-22, 27-12 Belgium: Meesseman 17, Allemand 15, Vanloo 13, Linskens 8, Lisowa 8, Becky Massey 8, Delaere 6, Billie Massey 5, Mununga 5, Resimont 3 Geldof 2.
  3. 08-06-2023.
  4. 11 p.m. Cats lose to Spain. The day after winning the exhibition against Turkey, the Belgian cats lost in Cordoba to Spain, the world number one, ranked fourth in the world. During the break, the lead was limited (34-29), but then the Spaniards ran further. In the end, the players of the national coach, Rachid Meziane, fell 72-54. Emma Messemann only played for 10 minutes as a precaution, and Kiara Lenskens was kept on the sidelines throughout the game. The Cats will soon be back in Belgium, where they will play a new training group against China, ranked second in the world, on Thursday in Kortrijk. On Saturday, they concluded their coaching career at Leuven Sportuz with a new match against China. Points Belgium: Mununga 14, Vanloo 12, Allemand 9, Delaere 6, Lisowa 4, Meesseman 4, Resimont 3, Becky Massey 2.
  5. 2023-06-04.
  6. 10:46 p.m. Another big win for the Cats. The Belgian Cats also tagged Türkiye on their way to the European Championships. Especially after the break, the Belgians were dominant. Two quarters later it was only 33-39 in favor of the Cats, and in the end it was 84-65. A bigger test awaits tomorrow. Then the Belgians will play against Spain. & nbsp; .
  7. 2023-06-03.
  8. 17:59 Greece is again a very small size. Just like two days ago, the Belgian Cats beat Greece on Sunday in an exhibition match. In Braine-l’Alleud, the lead was slightly larger than it was on Friday: 86-57. Thanks to Mununga’s final score, there was still almost a 30-point difference on the board. The audience enjoyed the bell beater to the fullest, although it was not a three-pointer, but a double-pointer. The Belgian Cats will travel to Spain next week for their second foreign training in the build-up to the European Championships. The two teams will train in Cordoba against Turkey on Saturday and against Spain on Sunday. .
  9. 5 pm 58. Belgium – Greece 86-57 (first half: 45-33). Quarters: 22-13, 23-20, 16-15, 25-9 Belgium: Vanloo 22, Linskens 19, Meesseman 18, Geldof 8, Mununga 7, Becky Massey 4, Delaere 3, Ramette 3, Joris 2. Bah, Lisowa Billy Massey failed to score. .
  10. 5:57 PM Re-watch the game here:.

    Watch the match here:

  11. 28-05-2023.
  12. 22 hours 12. Win a simple exhibition of cats. In their first two exhibition matches on Belgian soil, the Greek women couldn’t go down too far against the Belgian Cats. At halftime, they were already heavily in debt by 13 points: 42-29. As the Belgians were more lax and careless in the fourth quarter, it looked like Greece could more or less limit the damage. But the recent Belgian attack still ensured that the difference would be huge: 83-60. Belgium and Greece will meet again on Sunday, but this time in Brian Lallude. .
  13. 22 hours 11. I am very satisfied with the enthusiasm and pace that the players set from the start. Defensively they were aggressive and offensively, danger came from everywhere. Record all players. There were also some weaknesses, but we need to work on that now. National coach Rachid Meziane.
  14. 9:50 p.m. Watch the match below.

    Watch the match below

  15. 4.45 pm The first exhibition match tonight on Belgian soil (7.45 pm). After a double encounter in and against Serbia, the Belgian Kats returned home with a win and a loss. Emma Meissmann took on a young Belgian team. Tonight the national team is complete and will play its first doubles match against Greece. You can follow the match here live from 7.45pm. .
  16. 4:43 PM It’s hard to tell where the team is right now. We are not done yet against Serbia. Emma Minman.
  17. 4 pm 23. Belgian Cat Transfer Club. While preparing for the European Championships, some of the cats are told that they will be moving elsewhere next year. For example, Antonia Dellaire decorated a flyover from Italian Venice to Spanish Avenida. Becky Massey leaves Madrid and her twin sister. She does not yet know where her future lies. Today it also became known that Hind Ben Abdelkader is leaving Villeneuve. National coach Rachid Meziane’s team lost the final match of the qualifiers against Lyon with Julie Allemand. This was the last achievement of Ben Abdelkader with the Deputy Champion. It is not yet clear where she will play next year. .
  18. 4 m 13.
  19. 4 m 13.
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