August 18, 2022

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Strong Germany consolidates its preferred position and settles with Spain before the break |  European Women's Championship 2022

Strong Germany consolidates its preferred position and settles with Spain before the break | European Women’s Championship 2022

  1. 37′ – Goal – Alexandra Pope (2-0)
  2. 27′ – Yellow – Felicitas Rauch
  3. 3′ – Goal – Clara Ball (1-0)
  1. 87′ – Follow Clara Paul from Jule Brand
  2. 86′ – yellow – Lina Oberdorf
  3. 84′ – Follow Mario Caldente by Irene Guerrero
  4. 72′ – Follow Sarah Depritz by Linda Dallman
  5. 71′ – Follow Laya Alexandri, directed by Athena del Castillo
  6. 70′ – Follow Sheila Garcia by Marta Cardona
  7. 62′ – Follow Alexandra Pope by Tabia Wassmouth
  8. 62′ – Follow Lucia Garcia to Claudia Pena
  9. 62′ – Felicitas Rauch follow Sophia Kleinhern

After a 4-0 swing win over Denmark, Germany cemented its favorite against Spain. Paul and Bob were already 2-0 up before the break. Germany didn’t get into any trouble after that and are already sure of the quarter-finals and the group win.

After both Germany and Spain’s successful start to this European Championship, a second win was a guarantee of a place in the quarter-finals for both. Germany quickly gained the upper hand after a weak defense from Sandra Banus.

The Spanish goalkeeper gave the ball to Clara Ball who gratefully capitalized: 1-0. In the half hour, Alexandra Pope doubled the score.

Germany could easily defend the top spot after that and could score a third goal after the break.

Spain can no longer build their grip and will have to work hard in a head-to-head meeting with Denmark on Saturday to make sure they reach the quarter-finals. The second-placed teammate in Group B may be waiting for a showdown with hosts England.

  1. The second half, the 94th minute, the game is over
  2. Irene Guerrero (Spain) can shoot with her left foot, but her shot tops. Second half, 92nd minute.
  3. Jule Brand (Germany) summoned by the referee. I went away in Mabe Leon (Spain). Second half, 90th minute.
  4. Second half, 87th minute. Substitution on Germany, Jules Brand inside, Clara Paul out
  5. Yellow card for Lina Oberdorf during the second half, 86th minute
  6. Spain gets a free kick. Lena Oberdorf (Germany) defeated Athena del Castillo. Second half, 86th minute.
  7. Second half, 84th minute. Substitution in Spain, Irene Guerrero inside, Mario Caldente outside
  8. The attempt is saved by Merle Frohms (Germany), who does not give up on the rebound. Second half, 84th minute.
  9. The cross comes to Claudia Pena (Spain). Her header goes to the goal… The second half, the 83rd minute.
  10. Free kick for Spain. Lena Oberdorf (Germany) was holding Mario Caldente and the referee saw it. Second half, 83rd minute.
  11. Atenea del Castillo (Spain) blows the referee’s whistle. I went too far in Julia Gwen (Germany). Second half, 81st minute.
  12. The assistant referee flag is raised: Tapia Wassmouth (Germany) was offside. Second half, 81st minute.
  13. Germany gets a free kick. Aitana Ponmate (Spain) shot down Sophia Kleinhern. Second half, 79th minute.
  14. Marta Cardona (Spain) blows the whistle from the referee. I went away in Sophia Kleinhern (Germany). Second half, 78th minute.
  15. The referee blew a foul whistle, Marina Hegering (Germany) transgressed. Second half, 77th minute.
  16. Lena Oberdorf (Germany) blows the referee’s whistle. Went away in Claudia Pena (Spain). Second half, 77th minute.
  17. Lena Oberdorf (Germany) blows the referee’s whistle. Went away in Aitana Ponmate (Spain). Second half, 75th minute.
  18. Athena del Castillo (Spain) can position with her right foot, but her shot is blocked. Second half, 74th minute.
  19. The second half, the 74th minute. Frohms saves Caldente’s smart shot.

    Froomes saves a nice shot from Caldente

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