July 22, 2024

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Studio 100 announces lead cast for ‘Red Star Line’ |  BV

Studio 100 announces lead cast for ‘Red Star Line’ | BV

Red Star Line is the great heir to the musical “40-45”. The story revolves around the couple Jean and Marie. They are a happy married couple, but their farming life is full of challenges. When Jan has the opportunity to go to America to work as an engineer, he eagerly accepts the offer. His great love Mary travels after him. But will their love be enough to survive such a great distance?

It has already been announced that Jonas Van Geel and Jelle Cleymans will play Jan and that “Mega Mindy” actress Lotte Stevens, or Ianthe Tavernier, will play Mary. But now Studio 100 has also announced the new names. The role of Walter, a Flemish New York businessman, was played by Peter van den Begen and Peter van de Velde. Carry Goossens and Frans Van der Aa play Maurice Walter’s accountant. Young talents Charlotte Boudry and Charlotte Verduin play Louise, Walter’s daughter. “I am really looking forward to being a part of this amazing musical and visual spectacle. Thanks to the headphones, you can feel the emotion up close, despite being in a huge auditorium,” says van den Begen.

“Red Star Line” ticket sales immediately got off to a fast start and reached 100,000 tickets after just a month and a half. It’s the first time ever that Studio 100 Musicians have sold 100,000 tickets so quickly. This means that the beginning of the production is better than the great musical 40-45.

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