July 21, 2024

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Study of 109 cases of childhood hepatitis in the United States, already five deaths

Study of 109 cases of childhood hepatitis in the United States, already five deaths


U.S. health officials are currently investigating 109 cases of unexplained form of hepatitis in children, including five deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced this at a press conference on Friday.


Cases of mysterious liver infection have been found in 25 US states and territories. The CDC said the average age of children affected was only two years.

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Due to their young age, these children did not qualify for corona jab. “So the vaccine against the corona virus is not the cause,” said Jay Butler of the CDC. He has been responding to various theories of surfing the internet. The CDC, on the other hand, does not currently rule out contamination with the corona virus as a viable route, Butler insists.

Central to the CDC’s hypothesis is a specific type of adenovirus. These viruses are very common, but it is not yet known if they cause hepatitis in healthy children. It has been confirmed that more than half of all infected children in the United States have tested positive for “type 41” adenovirus.

Cases have been filed in the United States over the past seven months. Fourteen percent of the affected children required liver transplant surgery. “We know this is worrying news, especially for parents with small children,” Butler said. “But we would like to emphasize again that these hepatitis cases are very rare.”

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