May 30, 2023

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Stunning house. An Alaska Lake Bungalow Will Make You Dream | crazy house

We may not have the money to live there ourselves, but we all love to look at and dream about a gorgeous home. That’s why we feature Amazing Home every Wednesday. This week a home in Alaska on a lake. For the interior, the owners chose a combination of concrete, wood and striking colours.

Black and gray are the only two colors used in the interface. The architecture firm Prentiss-Balanca-Wickline deliberately chose it to allow the house to blend in with the harsh environment you find here in Alaska.

The rear is sheltered by a woodland, while the residents enjoy a panoramic view of the canal at the front. To improve the connection with nature, the floor plan was U-shaped with slanted glass extensions at the end of the legs. The bedroom is in one and the sitting area is in the other, followed by the dining room and another cozy nook.

If you look closely, you’ll recognize details here and there in the color that define the look of the largest fixed elements in the home, such as the kitchen, interior joinery, and bathroom. You don’t immediately think of pink and shimmery shades, but the choice was not made by chance. After all, on a clear evening they can be seen on the horizon for a few minutes during sunset. The orange and red accents in the rugs and pillows also depend on this.

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With this unusual color choice, interior design became anything but unpredictable and boring, which is something it is sometimes accused of. For the architects, it was also a way to bring in a little warmth during the frigid Alaskan winters. Something that definitely worked with pink and additions in brass and marble.

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