December 8, 2023

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STVV goes under extensions against the effective Seraing |  Croque Cup 2021/2022

STVV goes under extensions against the effective Seraing | Croque Cup 2021/2022

At the trophy meeting between first graders, Syering was
Against STVV he got the next round. Visitors looked for a long time
Their way to win, but they still conceded the equalizer shortly before the time. in a
In overtime, an effective Seraing needs a target from the best


  • 35′ Mouandilmadji (1-0)
  • 53′ Matsubara (1-1)
  • 57′ Quetta (1-2)
  • 80′ Maziz (2-2)
  • 104′ Maziz (3-2)

Syring entered the first half with a good lead

In front of the young Seraing team, it was the visitors who immediately took matters into their own hands. However, it was the home team that caused the first danger, but the low slip from Al-Hussaini was picked up by Stipe.

Although STVV completely monopolized the ball, we had to wait until the end of the first quarter to get our first real shot. After a nice steal, Quetta took his chance from outside the penalty area, but the Belgian’s shot passed over Galle’s bar.

Syring could not fight in the match and was pressed against his 16th team. Balongo tried a long shot, But the efforts of the Congolese fell away from office.

So there is no opening target for visitors and often the target falls on the other side. Following a lightning-fast counter, Mouandilmadji suddenly appeared alone in front of the steppe. The Chadian striker did not hesitate and pushed a goal to zero against the course of the match.

Extensions dominate the STVV tie

Even after the break, STVV dealt the cards and that almost immediately translated into a tie. After a delicious heel from De Ridder, Matsubara was there like chicken to push 1-1 against the net.

The host team had completely lost Al Shamal and after 4 minutes conceded a second goal. After a superb pass from De Ridder, Koita sent goalkeeper Galje to the baker for a while to deposit 1-2 into an empty goal.

STVV pressed, but both Hayashi and Hashioka failed to deal Seraing the final blow. The lifeline that the home team took in two hands 10 minutes before the end. Substitute Mazez was left alone in the penalty area and headed 2-2 into the step net. We got an extra half an hour of football.

With the onset of extra time, fatigue crept into the players’ legs. However, it was Maziz again who suddenly gave the home team the lead just before the end of the first overtime period. The Frenchman took a nice pass from Mikotadze and sent Syering to the next round.

  1. The end, 10 pm 29. The end. The Sint-Truiden Cup adventure has already ended in the 1/16 Finals. The visitors seemed to be on their way to victory, but they encountered the effective Syring; .
  2. The second extra time, the 123rd minute of the match ended
  3. Second extra time, 116th minute. It remains difficult for the visitors to get another chance to play football together. Seeraing looks set to reach the 1/8 finals in the Croque Cup. .
  4. Second overtime, minute 112. Seraing defends his tooth and nail against Sint-Truiden pressure. Now it is the Denuit variant in which the yellow cardboard is pushed under the nose. .
  5. Second extension, 107th minute. Sint-Truiden is now doing everything he can and is emphatically looking for an equaliser. When should Galle take action again? .
  6. The second extra time, the 106th minute. Sint Troyd still has fifteen minutes to save the penalty shootout. Can the visitors strike again or will Syring win? .
  7. Second overtime, the match started in the 106th minute
  8. The first extra time, the 113th minute.
  9. 1st overtime, min 104. 3-2, Maziz! Things are going from bad to worse for visitors. Maziz gets plenty of space from STVV’s defense and hits the net 3-2 in no time. What a transformation in Siring! .
  10. First overtime, 102 minutes. Flash class Mikautadze. Our words are not cold yet when the 3-2 deadline approaches. Mikautadze nicely separates himself from his direct opponent, but then shoots into the side netting. Visitors escape here. .
  11. First extra time, 100 minutes. Battle of Attrition. The fatigue also seemed to creep up on the players’ legs, because the high tempo at the start of the second half had not been visible for a while. Who has some extra meat broth in their legs? .
  12. First overtime, the 95th minute. It remains to be seen for the time being for the first chance in this extra time. Both teams seem a little more cautious than normal time. .
  13. The first extra time, the 91st minute. The first extension. Seraing and STVV start the first additional period. Will we know in half an hour who will turn more or should the penalty kicks decide? .
  14. The first extra time, the 91st minute, the match started
  15. Second half, 85th minute. Steppe saves STVV. It’s actually 3-2 for the home team. Mikautadze suddenly appeared in front of Kenny Steppe, but the Belgian goalkeeper appeared with a beautiful display. STVV is playing with fire against young Seraing. .
  16. The second half, the 80th minute. 2-2, Mazes! Seraing is very effective today, because all of a sudden the tags are aligned again. Substitute Maziz is only 16 and can only score an equaliser. Will we get extensions? .
  17. The second half, the 77th minute. Once again, Hashioka is the one who seizes his chance from a distance. The Japanese tries a place ball, but sees his attempt as far away. Syring is still alive at the moment. .
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