May 20, 2022

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STVV pakt in extremis scalp van rode lantaarn Beerschot en komt op gelijke hoogte met nummer acht Genk

STVV takes the scalp of the Red Lantern Beerschot to its extreme and is a level 8 Genk

STVV is still fully involved in the battle to reach the European qualifiers. The Canaries saw how Berchot, who had already been relegated to the first division, got rid of the difference twice, but thanks to Quetta they barely won: 3-2. Thus, the STVV is at the same level as the number eight, the neighbors of the Genk. It looks like Beerchot missed his last chance to win points.

Berchut boss Francis Franken had hoped for an honorable farewell to 1A. It should happen against a supposed national hero. After another defeat at Sint-Truiden, his team still had to face the No. 1 and 2 in the Jupiler Pro League. Next week, at home in an empty Olympic stadium against Club Brugge, or on the last day at the Etihad leaders’ stadium.

Seems like a hopeless task. The fact that they can smell a third consecutive title in Bruges after 18 out of 18 recently, and the federation could better avoid losing points to relegation if it wants to succeed Lierse as ‘young’ champion are not even the main reasons.

lump sum

If Beerschot plays football for the first hour at Stayen such as on Sunday evening, he can also give away the following matches. Vanderidt had to solve the mystery through a lot of absentees in Limburg to get eleven names on paper, and his team did not give the impression for a long time that they wanted it.

Even before the first fifteen minutes had passed, Legoli had to turn around for the first time. The 23-year-old third goalkeeper replaced the injured Pipao and made his debut early in the match at 1A. It was a painful start at the highest level. Bruhls hit the ball over defender Lioli who was not immediately helped by his defense.

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But Berchot was warned. Three minutes later, Bruhls had already made the net for the first time, but the German-speaking Belgian saw his goal disallowed due to a previous offside.

432 days

After a superb cross pass from Vaca, Suzuki equalized with a cross shot from the post, the first goal for Japan in 432 days, and moments later Rigo put the Japanese STVV goalkeeper for a powerful long shot.

Photo: Isosport

Just as quickly, the 150 brave Beerchot supporters who had come to Sint Troyde saw their team late again. Hara rescued the guests for a while by inexplicably placing the skin next to the goal area from close range, but the Japanese immediately corrected his mistakes during Truiense’s next attack. De Smet easily outflanked his wing and Hara grabbed the ball between the crossbars with his header. Legoli was dumbfounded. In overtime, Borden fired a low shot from Bruls off the line.


The second half made little improvement for a long time. STVV was tested for cruise control. Looks like they’re doing something in Berchot. After Holzhauser intervened, it caught fire again. The Austrian hasn’t been decisive enough in the standing stages this season, but has now promptly delivered two excellent corner kicks. And Radic saw the first well, which was saved by Schmidt, but was injured in the second chance of the Croat. Shankland returned the ball to the defender with his header and Radic is now taken by the Trunces goalkeeper.

STVV takes the scalp of the Red Lantern Beerschot to its extreme and is a level 8 Genk

Photo: Isosport

For the first time we saw a real match with chances on both sides. A few minutes after the equalizer, Shankland was shown 2-3 on a plate, but the Scotsman made a terrible mistake. On the other hand, Legoli Hara took away his second goal of the evening with an involuntary cleverness.

Thus, after four consecutive defeats, Berchot appeared to have a point out of the match, but substitute Cotta decided otherwise. After a short corner kick, he went for a walk in the penalty area. In Berchot they let this happen. Quetta showed no mercy and blasted with a 3-2 score against the ropes.