December 6, 2022

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Successful Champions League rehearsal: Club Brugge beat KV Mechelen

Successful Champions League rehearsal: Club Brugge beat KV Mechelen

Preparations to face Atletico Madrid: Club Brugge had a bit of trouble on Saturday night with KV Mechelen (3-0), which could hold out against Jan Breedel for half an hour. There was only good news: victory, the debut of a young man and the return of Lange and Buchanan. It shouldn’t be more than that.

Two surprises before kick-off at Jan Breedel: 17-year-old Jorn Spielers made his debut at the heart of Club Brugge’s defense, with Skov Olsen missing from the sidelines. The Dane was still warming up but seemed to be feeling a bit sick. Noosa replaced it on the wing. The serpentine movements of the young Norwegian were necessary, because KV Mechelen sank deeply and dislocation proved difficult. And he himself started sharply. Just three minutes later, Storm appeared in front of Mignolet’s goal, but the favorite for the Golden Boot saved him. False start for blue and black.

After this opening stage, KV Mechelen basically had to succumb, but without really giving up any great opportunities. On the right, Sowa and Noosa often blend in well, although space has been limited. Onyedika tried once from a dead end on the edge of the box, Jutgla also made two (modest) attempts. To open the result in half an hour. Vanaken made good use of Sowa, who cleverly played Gottla around the small rectangle. The Catalan did not hesitate and defeated Coke in the short corner: 1-0 after half an hour. It was well deserved, although the club wasn’t really convinced. Onyedika attempted to score a penalty before halftime after a slight push in the back – a lot of sparkle, admittedly.

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Long gets fifteen minutes

Micklin had to go to work after the break, although Malinoa looked as if he already knew he’d be back on the bus later without points. The experiment is gone. Especially when Sobol hit a free kick from the right side into the goal. He was allowed to kick those things because Bates ground Noosa hard after another slalom. The two collided and needed care. Meanwhile, a 2-0 score was celebrated in the stands: the club is on its way to a smooth victory.

Yaremchuk and Buchanan (returned from injury) were allowed to engage for another half hour, and those new forces made Mitchellin panting even more. The visitors escaped 3-0 on three occasions, their luck more than skill. Thanks goalkeeper Coucke. Because a little later he also saved well Vanaken’s shot. The club was still looking forward to it, although the loot had already appeared, and a new assignment against Atletico Madrid would follow on Tuesday. Buchanan even scored on his return, but was called up for offside. Too tight – VAR took a look, and the assistant referee was right.

no cherry

Hofkins spoiled the audience, too. He also gave Lang another 15 minutes: Chushu Jan Bridle has recovered from an ankle injury. He immediately showed himself by showing Vanaken a goal and playing a ball behind the supporting leg. Fans cheered. The third goal and the icing on the cake followed in the final stage: Buchanan headed in with some luck via Swers after a ball from Lang: 3-0. Club Brugge are confidently heading into Tuesday’s important Champions League game against Atlético Madrid, where they can take a big step towards the European winter. And for the first ever 1/8 final in the Ball Championship.

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