February 4, 2023

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Sunny, 34, wants to wear more colors, but she doesn't dare.  The Fashion Stylist gives advice: “These four combinations always work” |  Fashion Stabilizer

Sunny, 34, wants to wear more colors, but she doesn’t dare. The Fashion Stylist gives advice: “These four combinations always work” | Fashion Stabilizer

Dietitian Sani Moha (34 years old) loves colorful clothes. The most the best. She has a feeling that she doesn’t know what combinations work and what doesn’t. “I don’t want to look like a clown.” Our “fashion designer” and fashion editor David Defferendt is rushing to the rescue: he knows four ways to do it “color blocking” Create fashion that never fails. “For beginners, the popular color wheel is a useful tool.”

Everyone can use the helpline when it comes to fashion and clothing. Oftentimes, our fashion editor, David Defferendt, helps the reader with a pressing problem. Think of him as your new ‘fashion friend’ – as your ‘fashion designer’.

As a Dietitian at UZA (University Hospital of Antwerp), through her own practice and as a Dietitian at Het Laatste Nieuws, Sanne Mouha (34 years old) helps people with a healthy diet. But she herself also asks for some advice. Even if it is in fashion. “When I wear colours, I look brighter and have more confidence. Just: I always go back to the same colors that are easy to blend, or hung in stores a lot, but don’t always suit me. Like navy blue. Or I often choose yellow or red because those colors are available. Broadly. I’m a bit stuck with it.”

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Sunny Moha. © Getty Images

“My question is: How can I look professionally beautiful and have fun with colour, without immediately looking like a clown? I shop a lot of vintage clothes and it would be ideal to dress up in my daily life as well as my work life.”

Here’s what NINA Fashion Editor David Devriendt, aka Fashionfixer, said

“Sanne is not unique. Our national flag may be a stunning tricolor, but we mostly live in a nation of black and dark blue. However can color dressing You do a lot for your mood and your appearance. As Sani herself points out: the color brightens and helps restore your confidence. Fortunately, in Flanders too, there is a gradually increasing interest in a more colorful wardrobe, thanks in part to influencers who have set a good example on social media, where excellence is the message.”

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'Fashionfixer' and our Fashion Editor David Devriendt.

‘Fashionfixer’ and our Fashion Editor David Devriendt. © rv

“The fashion image also gets hotter every season. For the upcoming winter, color is a trump card – the whole rainbow comes in and it’s okay in OTT (over the top)† After all the grays and blacks that surrounded our Corona months, more and more people want to jump out of the band and it’s really time dopamine pad† But how do you combine colors without looking like a Christmas tree or a walking clown? “


The solution? Block silhouettes are very simple and trendy but don’t hurt the eyes. There are four possibilities.

David Defferendt, “Fashion Designer”

“Maybe you’re an inside person, but it’s really about not mixing red and yellow – two shades that Sunny quickly reaches – together. Not that this can’t be pretty, but it’s the home colors of characters like Ronald MacDonald and Basie Van Adrian. In the hands. Wrong, this set can look clown.Or, in other words, Hilda Frank, color expert and fashion watchdog at NINA, said: “There are no ugly colors, just ugly color combinations. The solution? color blockingThe silhouettes are simple and ultra-modern yet don’t hurt the eyes. exist four possibilities.”

1. Nice monochrome

“The biggest misconception is that color blocking It means you’re incorporating a lot of colors into one gorgeous whole. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be. Have you heard of the phrase “one block”? Even with one color that you wear from head to toe, you wear it color blocking

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“This can range from a suit – with Bermuda shorts, shorts or pants – to a jumpsuit or two separates in the same color (family). The advantage of a suit is that it instantly exudes a certain professionalism yet is a casual classic. You can choose basic colors or Muted tones Using your accessories, you can stay in the same color palette, or just add a trendy contrast.Like light pink heels with a light blue suit or yellow heels and a yellow handbag in orange. identical The accessories have not been made for a long time, but now they are fully functional. It’s just as easy.”

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2. Colorful dress

“In the same category as a monochromatic outfit: a dress full of color. Equally easy in design and versatile, as it suits the office and on vacation as well as in the city. The possibilities are endless – you can choose a shirt dress, a kaftan dress, a ruffle dress in different colors … The print can provide more color, taste and personality, without having to think too much. After all, the selection process is very simple: you either like the dress or not, the dress fits you or it doesn’t.”

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“You will definitely find something to love in vintage stores. The dress is also a classic summer dress that can be perfectly combined with many shoes. Sunny says she loves to wear cowboy boots, Dr. Martens, sneakers from Veja and also has green heels. Everything fits. completely. “

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3. One color skirt/pants + another color top

“Let’s move on. It becomes more difficult if you combine two pieces of different colors. In this case, one + one is not two, but three. Do it right, and it will stand out. Do it less well, it will stand out more, but in a less positive sense. For beginners, a tool Useful is the popular color wheel (available on the Internet).This tool with the main colors in the circle is often used by designers and designers to create successful combinations.For example, you can take two opposite colors on the color wheel and they are complementary (blue-orange/green-purple. …), or you can also choose similar colors next to each other, such as yellow and green.”

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“But surprisingly, it’s not just the color that matters color blocking According to the rules of art. Color intensity, cut cut, texture and quality are also important. You can take two colors that match well, and still go wrong with a mismatch. A little like love, so. Sunny, for example, often grabs what she already has in her wardrobe and then looks at what goes together in terms of color, but there is a chance that they might match in terms of color but not at all in terms of appearance.”

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“I advise her to shop with the existing pieces in mind and as harmonizing as possible. Every start is difficult, but practice makes perfect. This is the case when you learn to play the trumpet, when you dive into a new language, but also when you want to give yourself a new look. Pick up A picture of your clothes always helps, too. Often times you can evaluate this more objectively and more easily than your image in the mirror.”

4. Multicolor

“Once you know what colors work for you and put them on your finger, you can combine them to your heart’s content. Green pants with a fuchsia top and pink jacket. Or turquoise with violet and yellow. When done right, they make for a very strong silhouette. Here, too, they can That color wheel provides solace. For example, you can draw an isosceles triangle on it, or a rectangle and you can match those colors to each other.”

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“Where are the unspoken boundaries? With four colors. Otherwise, the dreaded clown effect lurks. But the message remains: Experiment! As a nutritionist, Sanne often advises her clients to vary a lot by color on their plates, because that’s what food does. So she can apply This principle is completely on her wardrobe.”

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“In the long run, you’ll also dare to make bolder combinations or new combinations. Even separate from the color wheel or other color tools. Because it doesn’t have to be that rigorous. So many colours, so many possibilities. So coloring outside of the lines is also allowed, using Your personality as a compass. Because this is true confidence and fashion.”

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