May 30, 2023

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Super tip for promotional fighters.  Big discounts on Pampers: "I barely paid 0.03 euros per diaper" |  hunters promo

Super tip for promotional fighters. Big discounts on Pampers: “I barely paid 0.03 euros per diaper” | hunters promo

Many supermarkets are offering deep discounts on Pampers this week. a member hunters promo belgium I even managed to pay only 0.03 euros per diaper, thanks to the combination of quantity discounts and coupons that you can get simply from the Internet. “And then you have to know that €0.20 per diaper is really a bargain,” says promoter Gunther Devisch.

Discounts on Pampers can be found at Carrefour (2 + 2 free until 05/09), Delhaize (2 + 2 free until 07/09), Albert Heijn (2 + 2 free until 28/09), Kruidvat (4 for 45 euros until 9/28) and Colruyt (followed by quantity discount). This applies to both Pampers Premium Protection Pants and Baby Dry Pants.

Devisch conducts a concrete price comparison of HLN readers for Pampers Premium Protection, Size 2 (4-8 kg). Looks like you’re getting the best deal at Albert Heijn and Colruyt.

⦁ Albert Heijn: €8.99 per pack of 40 Pampers (4 for €17.98) = €0.112 per Pampers

⦁ Colruyt: €8.99 per pack of 40 Pampers (4.49 € of 3 pieces) = €0.112 per Pampers

⦁ Carrefour: €19.95 per pack of 82 Pampers (4 for €39.90) = €0.122 per Pampers

⦁ Delhaize: €9.79 per pack of 40 Pampers (4 for €19.58) = €0.122 per Pampers

⦁ Kruidvat: €21.95 per pack of 76 Pampers (4 for €45) = €0.148 per Pampers

The Pampers family is the main topic of conversations on the promoters’ social media. Several members have already posted or replied to someone else.

Kim shot the lead bird. I have combined the Colruyt promotion with discount coupons that you can simply enjoy Pampers website can get.

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She first bought 4 packs of 44 Pampers (size 1) for €3.72 per pack or €0.08 per stroller.

She also bought 3 packs of 27 Pampers Harmonie (size 2) for €4.66 per pack. Before that, she had a €2 voucher (which was on the package) and three €3 vouchers from the Pampers website. This brings the total price to 0.04 € per pamper.

Finally, she put 3 packs of 29 Pampers (size 3) in her stroller for €4.34 each. She also has three coupons from the Pampers website for this, but now for €3.50. Thus, the price of Pampers reached 0.03 euros per pamper.

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