December 5, 2023

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Survivors of a photographer file a complaint against Alec Baldwin

Survivors of a photographer file a complaint against Alec Baldwin

Well, four months after Halina Hutchins died on the set of the movie Hello, shot by movie star Alec Baldwin, his closest relatives filed a complaint. Baldwin and other contributors to the film were accused of gross negligence.

The complaint was filed Tuesday in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Attorney Brian Banish told a news conference in Los Angeles that many precautions were not respected during the filming of the movie.

Relatives demand compensation after the “tragic loss” of the photographer. The amount of money involved was not disclosed. Whether this compensation is awarded will be determined during a jury trial.

In the accident, 42-year-old Hutchins was mortally wounded, and director Joel Sousa was wounded in the shoulder. Baldwin played the main role and also participated as a producer in the film. An investigation revealed that Colt Baldwin was performing at a rehearsal containing a real bullet. Baldwin himself was not aware of this. It is currently unclear how this could happen.

Indictment of the next of kin not the first against Baldwin and other producers. Many employees accuse them of neglect.

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