July 25, 2024

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Susanne and Frick had a “scary” hotel night to record the best Flemish singers |  RTL Street

Susanne and Frick had a “scary” hotel night to record the best Flemish singers | RTL Street

Despite their careers as artists, Susan and Frick live a fairly civilian life, but sometimes they experience very exciting moments. In their podcast, the singing couple talks about an eventful night at the hotel to record the Flemish TV show “Liefde voor Muziek”.

“So there’s someone in our room?”

Love of music It is the Belgian version of Dear singers, where Flemish artists cover each other’s songs. Susan and Frick also appeared last season. Before that, they had an eventful night in a hotel. “We had to get up early the next day because we were heading to France Love of music. (…) At some point, he heard a knock on the door. I thought: This is strange, and I was already asleep. I won’t answer, I thought, because he must have the wrong room. But there is another way. And again. “So there’s someone in our room,” Susan jumped up.

“Someone from the hotel,” Frick continues, “said:WelcomeThen I said: Man, act normal. Then he closed the door again and suddenly the man disappeared. Then the door opened again a little and then I thought: This is him. scary“.

It turns out that the room is registered under a different name than that of Susan and Frick, that is, the TV show employee who arranged the room for them. Despite the late hour, the hotel employee still wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. all’s well That ends well. Although… “Fifteen minutes later the door to the room next to us fell,” Frick continues. “Then someone came and then the show started.”

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“Well… what an offer,” says Susan, who finds things going “very difficult” with the neighbours. “There are of course a lot of people who book a hotel and go crazy with each other.” “I agree with them,” laughs Frick. You can check out their podcast Listen here.

Susanne and Frick will perform six shows at the Ziggo Dome in 2025. The pair told RTL Boulevard about their return after a much-needed break and their new single “Verleden Tijd”: