December 5, 2022

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Suspected piece of SpaceX space junk smashed into Australian farmer's meadow: 'Totally burnt tree' |  Abroad

Suspected piece of SpaceX space junk smashed into Australian farmer’s meadow: ‘Totally burnt tree’ | Abroad

The UFO was discovered at a site in the small town of Dalgty by Australian farmer Meek Miners. He went to check where the day came from, the loud thunder his daughters had heard.

What he found next in his plots added to the mystery. Then an aerospace expert from the Australian National University was called. Expert Brad Tucker noted, “From afar it looks like a tree, a burning tree, and then you get close and realize ‘Hey, that’s not right.’ But upon closer examination, he becomes quite confident. This is definitely space junk that was part of the SpaceX capsule,” he said. .

The large piece of debris has been floating in space since November 2020 and left its orbit. “It was supposed to collapse and end up in the ocean,” Tucker said. “We’ve already seen most of the pieces end up in the ocean, but some parts clearly weren’t, like this three-meter specimen.” He said the object fell far from the miners’ farm, which took a while to actually locate it. A neighbor also found a piece of space debris in his area.

“The Australian Space Agency is now investigating because there is a legal protocol for such matters,” the expert explained. “We’re assuming SpaceX didn’t want the pieces back because they were supposed to sink into the sea.” But according to him, some collectors may be interested, and who knows, the Australian farmer and his neighbor can earn a little extra money.

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