June 3, 2023

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Sweden only escapes from Azerbaijan in the final stage | European Championship 2024 qualifiers

  1. 45 + 2′ – Yellow – Alexey Isaev
  2. 39′ – Goal – Emil Forsberg (1-0)
  3. 29′ – Yellow – Elvin Kavarkulev
  4. 25′ – Yellow – Victor Geocres
  1. 90′ – Goal – Anthony Elanga (5-0)
  2. 89′ – Goal – Jesper Karlsson (4-0)
  3. 88′ – Victor Geocris continues through Anthony Elanga
  4. 83′ – Aleksey Isaev follows Musa Qurbanli
  5. 83′ – continued Diane Kulusevski for Jesper Carlson
  6. 80′ – Goal – Victor Geocris (3-0)
  7. 74′ – Elvin Kavarkuliyev is followed by Namek Alaskarov
  8. 74 ‘- continued Hagverde’s argument to Cal Huseynov
  9. 72′ – continued Emil Forsberg by Jesper Karlström
  10. 72′ – continued Alexander Isaacs – Victor Clisson
  11. 66 Own goal – Bahloul Mostafazadeh (2-0)
  12. 47′ – Hjalmar Ekdal continued by Isak Hien

In the group of the Red Devils qualifying for the European Championship, Sweden scored a logical victory over Azerbaijan. It became 5-0, although it took a long time for those big numbers. In just the last ten minutes the home team quickly added up. In Sweden, he lost the injured Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

After waking up against the Red Devils, Sweden managed to improve their reputation against Azerbaijan, but initially things did not go smoothly.

Isak’s goal was disallowed for offside, but Forsberg breathed a sigh of relief before half-time.

After an own goal, Sweden played more liberally and especially it was 4-0 and 5-0 gem.

Carlsson scores a free kick, and Elanga puts the icing on the cake after a great lunge.

  1. The second half, the 94th minute, the match is over
  2. The goal of the second half, the 90th minute, by the Swedish Anthony Elanga. 5, 0.
  3. The second half goal, the 89th minute, by the Swedish Jesper Carlsson. 4, 0.
  4. Second half, 88th minute. Substitution for Sweden, Anthony Elanga inside, Victor Giocres outside.
  5. Second half, minute 83. Substitution in Azerbaijan, Musa Qurbanli inside, Alexei Isaev outside
  6. Second half, minute 83. Substitution for Sweden, Jesper Carlsson inside, and Dejan Kulusevski outside
  7. The goal of the second half, the 80th minute, by the Swedish Victor Jeukreis. 3, 0.
  8. Second half, minute 74. Substitution in Azerbaijan, Namik Alaskarov inside, Elvin Kavarkuliyev outside.
  9. Second half, minute 74. Substitution in Azerbaijan, Kalal Huseynov inside, Hojja Hagverdi outside.
  10. Second half, minute 72. Substitution for Sweden, Jesper Karlstrom inside, and Emil Forsberg
  11. Second half, minute 72. Substitution for Sweden, Victor Clisson in, directed by Alexander Isaacs
  12. Own goal during the second half, 66th minute by Bahloul Mostafazadeh of Sweden. 2, 0.
  13. Second half, minute 47. Substitution in Sweden, Isak Hen inside, Hjalmar Ekdal out
  14. Second half, 46th minute, the game started
  15. The first half, the 48th minute, the match is over
  16. Yellow card for Alexei Isaev of Azerbaijan during the first half, minute 47
  17. A goal in the first half, 39th minute, from Sweden’s Emil Forsberg. 1, 0.
  18. Yellow card for Azerbaijani Elvin Kavarkuliyev during the first half, minute 29
  19. Yellow card for Swedish player Viktor Jeukreis during the first half, minute 25
  20. 1st half, minute 1 the match started
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