December 4, 2022

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Syring is not Anderlecht or Westerlo who are losing points again |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Syring is not Anderlecht or Westerlo who are losing points again | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

key moment: Immediately after the break Syering started the match with lifelong enthusiasm and rewarded himself with an early goal. After that, it was really Westerlo who hit the clock, but the Metallo wall was built very hard.

man of the match: Marius Mwandelmadji is indispensable to this Seraing. After grabbing the ball in action for Bernier in the first half, he showed his nose to goals early in the second half. Like a masterful spear, he dived in front of his defender to take advantage of 2-2.

noticeable: Syring has 11 points in the national competition. He’s earned ten of those on the go, with wins over Standard, Michelin and Eupen.

Syring is not Club Brugge. Westerlo received a quick and playful shot for Syring early in the first half, which quickly took the lead. Bernier put the ball into the farthest side goal after a good tackle from Mwandimadji and one two with Poiti.

The visitors seemed to have done what they had come for and crawled back. Westerlo didn’t find any solutions and needed luck.

It ended up cornering Madsen’s feet after some bickering. His shot actually went wide but hit Morgan Poiti’s back and vanished into the net.

El Chadli took the lead not too long after Liege missed and put Nene alone in front of Galle. Jamal Mark later, Mali can start cheering. 2-1 in the first half.

After the break, Syring had enough five minutes of good attack. After the high pressure, Poaty is given plenty of room to move on and sets his sights on Mouandilmadji. He’s faster than the Seigers and could draw a sixth indent this season.

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Westerlo resisted very hard, but then barely managed to make a fist. Foster missed an opportunity to make the score 3-2.

Westerlo advances to sixth, but a handful of teams can still jump ahead, and at the bottom, Seraing takes a step away from the last team.

Timothy Galley (Syring): “We defended really hard today. Overall I think we are very strong from the back. We play in every game, on Tuesday we will do the same against Circle as well.”

Sinan Polat (Westerlo): “We deserved to win this match. We controlled the whole game but then conceded two easy goals. We knew we were going to have a hard time creating chances, and it is very unfortunate that you can easily swallow goals.”

Jose Junichamp (Syring): “It was a strict rule to be late in the first half. Then we went back to our normal regime after the break and the group was able to cope. The reaction of the group is promising to continue the championship. Every week we grow mentally, we’re ‘re on the right track.'”

Jonas de Roek (Westerlo): “We had the best of the game, but we weren’t 100 per cent at the start of each half. But for the rest, I can’t blame the team. Only the last pass wasn’t there. If the opponent adapts to you, you have to experience it positively” .