September 26, 2022

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"Taboo" by Philip Goebbels: I actually let a man tell jokes on stage

“Taboo” by Philip Goebbels: I actually let a man tell jokes on stage

In fact, it can be called a miracle that I watch the first season of Muharram Search started. I don’t just sometimes suspect men who spend an hour making jokes on the narcissistic stage. ‘Laughing with people you shouldn’t laugh at’ basically sounds like a straight ticket to cheap laugh-out-loud TV. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Only when I heard that great talent Kat Step was in charge decided that Muharram Tune. I immediately had to admit how wrong my biases were. It has been introduced with a unique program that can tackle difficult topics in a real and profound way without sacrificing a lightness of heart. A tearful laugh, yes, but without trifles and with a lot of hair. The good news is that Season Two, which began on Sunday, appears to be no less. exactly the contrary. The episode featuring people with autism spectrum disorder – ASD for short – is probably the best I’ve seen so far.

This may be related to the challenges that participants pose to program makers. After all, spending a few days together in the Ardennes is more torment than a party for ASD sufferers, and wrapping up their usual Geubels sense of humor isn’t easy this time around to say the least. But that kind of discomfort is what makes everything strong Muharram This time it is shaving extra high tops.

The episode provides clich-free insight into the functioning of people with autism. Everyday difficulties about how to separate dirty laundry are discussed, as well as testimonies about the deep loneliness that runs through the medulla. At the same time, the normatively-acting viewer looks on in amazement when the group resists the suggestion to change the schedule, just as it is hard not to laugh when a participant tells Jeubeles dryly that his voice is too annoying. explore. I never knew how refreshing seeing an ASD could be for the world.

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the beautiful thing Muharram It’s not just the respectful way the participants are portrayed. The program always makes you realize that you don’t quite fit the strict standards of our society. In this way, it indirectly constitutes an ode to life in all its shades and gray scales: a real relief at a time when schematic Twitter discussions are rampant. In addition, I have to say thanks Muharram Actually late full of a guy who pulls jokes on stage to make a living, You must do it. Hats off to the Geubels-Steppe duo and their team.

Muharram, Every Sunday night in one day. It can also be viewed via VRT now.