March 29, 2023

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TAQA CEO warns of a 'catastrophic winter' in the UK |  Abroad

TAQA CEO warns of a ‘catastrophic winter’ in the UK | Abroad

British families are facing a “dramatic and disastrous winter”. At least that’s what a senior executive at energy company EDF says in light of the explosion of energy costs.

“Despite the stated government support, our customers are facing a tragic and catastrophic winter” and said up to half of British households could be suffering from energy poverty in January, Philippe Comaret of energy company EDF warned BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday. Commaret called for the abolition of value-added tax on energy bills. He explained that with electricity and gas bills rising, more money is already flowing into the government.

British energy regulator Ofgem is likely to raise the upper bound on electricity and gas prices significantly on Friday. The average family is expected to pay more than £3,500 a year for the base rate in the future, up from £1,971 so far. Experts expect a jump to over £4,000 a year for January and over £6,000 a year for April. Last winter the maximum price was 1138 EGP.

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has announced energy subsidies totaling £400 per household. Experts see this as totally insufficient, but Johnson insists it is up to his successor to decide on additional measures.

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