July 24, 2024

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Taxes, alcohol and more: everything that has changed…

Taxes, alcohol and more: everything that has changed…

New legislation often comes with a deadline. This also applies on 1 July 2024, when a number of changes will apply to motorists and our mobility in general. This is what is changing.

1. Reduce the minimum exhaled air volume during the breathing test.

The law is over Breathing tests in traffic Changes. After the 15-minute time limit was removed last year, this is now the time to Minimum amount of air exhaled Which has been reduced. This drops from 1.9 liters to 1.2 litres. The new threshold allows the police to work more efficiently and time saving During testing, some people had difficulty blowing the prescribed 1.9 liters. In some cases, this requires the participation of a doctor.

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The ability to reduce air volume is a result More advanced equipment Which detects alcohol in the air more accurately and therefore works reliably with less exhalation. This should empower the police More tests To be implemented in the same period. Consequently, fewer vehicles will be able to pass through checkpoints unattended.


2. Flanders will receive a new technical inspection

the Technical Inspection in Flanders It changes permanently on July 1. From now on, cars over four years old, but… Less than 100,000 miles On the table, just check it every two years. This rule applies to all vehicles. less than ten years. For cars of higher age, an annual technical inspection is performed. The risks are high, because the centers in Flanders are overcrowded and Waiting times Long. Note that decentralized technical inspections are also possible for cars, vans and trailers. This can be carried out in establishments where the inspector can work in association with a recognized inspection center.

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Flanders plays com. soloslim In this file and this approach is not taken into account in other areas. In Wallonia Cars just come with Less than 100,000 kilometers on the odometer and less than six years old Qualified for technical inspection every two years. In Brussels, the annual inspection continues without deviations.


3. The RSZ exempt mobility premium has been increased

Good news: that Amount of transportation allowance The exemption will be increased by the RSZ on 1 July 2024. This compensation is in fact a fixed compensation for travel expenses in sectors where The workplace varies. This concerns people who have to go to construction sites, for example. The compensation amount has not been revised since 2020 and was 0.1579 euros/km. It is therefore not indexed, which has already happened several times for wages, including a very significant increase in January 2023. According to Acerta, the maximum exemption amount will rise to 0.1929 EUR/km.

Please note: Increasing compensation will not increase the amount offered. Sectoral level, There is no obligation to grant the maximum exempt amount.

4. Kilometer fees are more expensive in Flanders and Brussels

the Kilometer charge to Trucks It is indexed in both Flanders and Brussels. This was announced by Viapass, the government agency that administers this tax. The aim is to encourage logistics companies to switch to environmentally friendly means of transportation Zero emission vehicles. These vehicles enjoy a preferential price of 0 cents per kilometer in Flanders. This will be the case too Brussels From July 1, 2024.

Transport companies do not have to take any action, because the “on-board units”, or on-board computers, are automatically updated remotely. This provision applies to all trucks or transport vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of more than 3.5 tonnes. Nothing will change in Wallonia, because prices have already been indexed in January 2024.

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5. The federal government goes 100% electric.

Not generally known, but as of July 1st Federal government Just just 100% electric cars There is no doubt that the federal government wants to set a good example. The federal fleet is important right now. 920 vehicles. Police and defense vehicles are not included. Remember that these vehicles are mainly for customs or social inspection. Only 170 government employees Out of 65,000 employees they have one Company car.

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