July 22, 2024

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Taylor Swift concert tickets are going for high prices in the US

Taylor Swift concert tickets are going for high prices in the US

In the US, Taylor Swift tickets are asking up to $76,000. Sales are problematic, and superfans seem to like it.

Tickets for Taylor Swift’s US tour are being resold on the site for more than $76,000. The outrageous sums follow after official ticket sales ran into a number of problems – mainly resulting in frustrated fans.

Those who want to buy tickets first need to get a pre-sale invitation. Rumors quickly spread that fans who had already dug into the American singer’s store liked it. If it was meant to serve real fans, it wouldn’t have succeeded. It was confusing and the lack of transparency mainly led to frustrated fans.

stable Already know of someone who got access to a presale from Belgium without spending big on a Swift store. Many rabid superfans don’t jump the online queue. The system indicated that there were 2,000 people waiting for you, but in reality there were tens of thousands.


Swift’s European tour is still out of the question, let alone a concert in our country. In Belgium, ticket prices are also regulated differently. There is no dynamic pricing like in the US where tickets suddenly become more expensive when demand is high. A resale platform like Ticketswap also strongly opposes extortionate prices: you can ask for a maximum of 20 percent more than what you paid.

The uproar in the US over the practices at Ticketmaster was so intense that there were reactions from members of the House of Representatives. “A daily reminder that Ticketmaster has a monopoly,” tweeted Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Since Ticketmaster’s merger with concert promoter Live Nation in 2010, the company has faced criticism for its pricing and consumer-harming practices. In May, Democrat Bill Pascrell asked the U.S. Department of Justice to break up LiveNation, known as its parent company. ‘Break them downOcasio-Cortez tweeted.

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Earlier this month, US President Joe Biden announced that he was already going to do something about the extra charge of administrative costs. At Swift, some have already talked about service costs of $70 to $100, said Bonnie Cross of New York. The New York Times. “But to what service?”