April 1, 2023

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Teams are known: 3 X3 Belgian Lions meet the United States at the World Cup in Antwerp

Teams are known: 3 X3 Belgian Lions meet the United States at the World Cup in Antwerp


The teams are known for the 3X3 World Championships in Antwerp (Cronplots). 3X3 lions are in group B, among others, in the United States, 3X3 cats are in group C, among others Poland.

Patrick Solomons

The 3X3 basketball tournament for women and men will be held in Antwerp from June 21 to 26. 3X3 Lions and Cats are directly eligible to host this World Cup. After finishing fourth at last year’s Olympics in Tokyo, the 3X3 Lions are fourth in the FIBA ​​rankings, along with players such as the Pervair team Antwerp and Thibaut Verworth, Raf Bogart and Nick Celis. They are in Group B of the Antwerp World Cup, with the exception of the United States (FIBA 5), Austria (FIBA 13), Egypt (FIBA 18) and another team nominated by the FIBA.

The team winners of the four teams will qualify directly for the quarterfinals. Numbers 2 and 3 of each team will play in the 1/8 final.


Cats invaded Mongolia, Egypt and Poland

The same formula applies to women. 3X3 cats, ranked 39th in the world, are in Group C with Mongolia (FIBA 7), Egypt (FIBA 13), Poland (FIBA 3) and the Dominican Republic (FIBA 22). Like the 3X3 Lions, the 3X3 Cats look forward to the World Cup with great ambition. They want to get a place on stage in their own country.

Following the FIBA ​​decision on the Russian teams and the FIBA ​​Central Board of Directors meeting on March 25, there will be a panel “TBD” in each division. The FIBA ​​Central Council will soon decide which teams will take part in the 2022 Grelen FIBA ​​3×3 World Cup in Antwerp.

A makeshift stadium for 1,800 spectators is being built at Groenplats in Antwerp. Admission to the 3X3 WL is free, but you can book tickets for up to 7 euros, including 2 drink tickets, if you wish to confirm your seat in advance.

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