September 22, 2023

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Tekle Holographics makes "Holo-Wall" available for new media museum

Tekle Holographics makes “Holo-Wall” available for new media museum

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Tekle Holographics, a Hilversum startup, has committed as a partner to the new Media Museum of Image & Sound. A special floor will be created in the museum for innovative technological developments in the field of media. For this purpose, Tekle Holographics offers its ‘Hologram Synthesis’Hollow Wall‘ Available. Holo-Wall generates holograms that appear to pop out of the wall and float in the room. Projections can be interactive and independent animations.

the new Media Museum van Beeld & Geluid, which will open its doors at the beginning of February 2023, consists of five areas with themes: sharing, information, selling, telling and playing. In addition to these areas, the Museum contains the Wonder Floor, where visitors can experience the future of media. This floor is regularly updated to be able to respond to the latest innovative media developments. This is done by collaborating with, among other things, high-tech companies, media organizations, media makers and scientists.

3D Tekle Creates and develops custom 3D solutions that enable interactive and socially immersive experiences, visualizing any 3D model or simulation or entering into full virtual worlds.

Tekle HologrpahicsAnd the Media Museum

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