January 29, 2023

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Telenet analysis: Belgians made fewer phone calls in 2021 – IT Pro – News

An analysis by Telenet shows that mobile calling will again make way for social media messaging for Telenet customers in 2021. Data traffic over a fixed internet connection has increased as it was before the Corona crisis and flows around half of annual network traffic.

Compare Telenet in his analysis Several times in the past year with 2020, the year in which additional fees were imposed on the Corona crisis and the Belgian telecom company witnessed a huge increase On its mobile network and the Internet. In 2020, there were 10 percent more calls per month via a mobile phone line than in 2019, but in 2021 there was a downward trend again. At that time, Telenet customers called on average 4 percent less than in 2020. According to Telenet, the percentage is still 6 percent higher than in 2019, and according to the company’s estimates, it will again reach the same level in 2024 as in 2019.

According to Telenet, average internet consumption over the fixed internet increased by 25 percent in 2021 to nearly 2,500 GB/s. This is on top of the 55 percent increase that already occurred in 2020. So consumption in 2021 continued to increase, but this time it was more in line with the developments of the past years, except for breaking the trend from 2020.

Combined charts show roughly 12 percent less broadcasts in 2021, but that broadcast still claimed about half of Telenet’s average annual internet volume. This is in line with previous years. The share of game downloads increased by 78% in 2020 compared to 2019, and this share will remain almost the same in 2021. On December 7, gamers set a new record. He. She downstream Internet traffic It peaked on that day at 3.6 terabytes per second and according to Telenet that was due to the latest widely downloaded Call of Duty update at the time. The company also mentioned remote work in its analysis. In 2020, internet traffic used for remote work increased by about 65 percent. In 2021, another 21 percent was added.

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