September 30, 2023

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'Tender Swindler' Simon Leviev sued by the real Leviev family: 'We are victims too' |  showbiz

‘Tender Swindler’ Simon Leviev sued by the real Leviev family: ‘We are victims too’ | showbiz

televisionSimon Leviev (31, real name Shimon Hayut) is getting hot under his feet. The Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler has already put him in a bad light, but now the family he claims to be part of is suing him. To write “Page Six”.

Simon Leviev convinced unsuspecting women that he was a member of the wealthy Russian-Israeli Leviev family. Then he made them think he was in danger and needed money. He cheated women out of millions of dollars.

Watch the interview where Simon said he was a Netflix victim

His so-called family is certainly not happy with this connection. Lev Leviev, the head of a diamond trading company, and his daughter Shagit filed a complaint against Simon. According to court documents available to Page Six, the fraudster misused his alleged well-known family for personal benefit and also used the family’s trademark to deceive his victims into believing that he was really part of the diamond company.

Tip of the iceberg

“We started hearing things about Simon Leviev in 2017,” Chagett told Page Six. “There are nine children in my family: five brothers—none of whom was named Simon—and four sisters. Soon I learned from our distributors that he had written checks in our name for $350,000, but they weren’t ours. Then we got a call from another company. They said we owed them $600,000 for private planes. They sent me a photo of his passport: it was Shimon Hayut.”

Watch the trailer for The Tinder Swindler here

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Shagit says they then called the police in Israel. But since Simon was on the move a lot, it was hard to keep an eye on him. The biggest shocker came when we watched the documentary on Netflix and saw how far his manipulation has gone and what the damage is. The truth is that this show is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to live that life, he must have committed a large-scale international fraud. There must be a lot of other victims. We really feel sorry for them. This man is a fraud and a fraud.”

Victims too

“We may be the diamond company, but we are also victims,” ​​she continues. We are threatened by this, we are described as a joke. I don’t think the show is clear enough that it has nothing to do with us. All the damage he’s done to us. And now he has an actor in Hollywood? It doesn’t belong there. He’s a criminal.”

Leviev ended up spending two and a half years in prison in Finland after being convicted of defrauding three women. Then he spent another five months in prison in Israel. Now he is free again and insists that he is innocent. He said in a recent interview, “The person he’s filming is… he’s crazy.” “I’m not, it’s just a Netflix fantasy. The difference between him and the real Simon is huge. I didn’t ask for money from a woman or anyone else. But then again, I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m the victim here. I’m a Netflix victim. No proof.”

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