December 4, 2022

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Tesla Model Y RWD (2022) - Back to Basics

Tesla Model Y RWD (2022) – Back to Basics

Tesla Model Y, rear wheel drive, €50,995

Tesla is often surprising. Price increases, price cuts, notable statements from CEO Elon Musk or weird new models, It’s never boring. The latest big news from the world-famous EV builder is the introduction of a new base version of the Model Y. The new, unnamed version actually has a smaller battery than the existing long-range variants and runs one less electric motor, but also at least €16,000 less that long. . That’s quite a bit, especially because the Model Y will be cheaper than the rear-wheel drive version of the smaller, more compact Model 3. The simpler Model Y now costs €50,995 including delivery costs, compared to €52,995 for the simplest Model 3 never seen in motoring land. A great offer for a car that can’t complain about a lack of attention anyway as an electric crossover. Didn’t we say it’s never boring in Tesla?

And here we are, rolling up our sleeves, coffee steaming, detailing what you’re sacrificing in terms of equipment by going for the rear-wheel drive Model Y. After all, with the Model 3, the Base Edition (formerly Standard Range Plus) It’s also less good at things in the long runSo that should be the case here too, right?

not like that. The Tesla Model Y ‘RWD’ is exactly the same as the Long Range Model in terms of equipment. Behind the term ‘all-black interior’ are things like a super-thick four-speaker audio system with subwoofer, power-adjustable, heated, leather-covered seats, a recognizable large screen, Google Maps navigation, a ‘smartphone key,’ Autopilot and electric tailgate. Even mother-of-pearl paint is considered standard, thanks to the “white pearl” that is sprayed on the body at no additional cost. 19-inch alloy wheels are also included. They can be larger, but the costs range. That might not be very helpful in this case, since that’s the level that RWD loses to in the long run. With a smaller battery, it comes in at only 455 km according to the WLTP cycle. Delivering a single electric motor, this is also the slowest Tesla ever: 0 to 100 takes at least 6.9 seconds. Not really impressive, but compared to many competitors it’s still more than good.

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Tesla Model Y

And who are these competitors? For example, the Audi Q4, which for this money only In seriously exposed base trim and if 35 (range 341 km) is available. The Volvo XC40 Recharge does a little better in terms of equipment, but in the best case, it also comes in at just 423 km. Also compared to alternatives like Kia EV6 The base Tesla comes out positive. If you want to take advantage of this, it may be best to act quickly, because the price could go up again. You never know with Tesla.