July 25, 2024

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Tesla presents its first electric semi-trucks – picture and sound – news

Tesla has delivered the first production versions of its semi-truck. It happened Thursday night during an event at the gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. The truck, which runs entirely on batteries, should have a range of just over 800 kilometers.

The trucks were delivered to Pepsico. This company requested it in 2017, which was the year it was done Half has been served, 100 trucks immediately. During the presentation, the importance of using the Semi system was emphasized, among other things, by pointing out the figure that truck mounted vehicles represent 1% of all vehicles in the United States, but are responsible for 20% of all vehicle emissions.

Tesla also specifically addressed the earlier claim that a range of over 800 km is possible on a full charge. To that end, the company offered data from a 500-mile test drive from Fremont, California, to San Diego. That journey started with a cost of 97 percent and once it reached the end point, there was still 4 percent left. According to the manufacturer, the Semi can achieve 2kWh efficiency per mile, which could give trucking companies $70,000 annually in fuel savings depending on electricity rates. 1mW charging technology is used to quickly recharge the battery.

Three electric motors are used for propulsion, which is, in fact, comparable to the Plaid versions of the Model S and Model X. One motor from the Semi is used for uniform highway cruising speeds for the highest possible efficiency, while the other two are used for torque acceleration. This acceleration is also briefly discussed during the presentation. Briefly Show It shows how a semi-laden truck weighing 36,287 kg on a mountain road with a gradient of 6 percent easily outperforms a regular diesel truck.

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During the presentation, necessary information was also missing, such as data about the specific battery pack used by the trucks. Five years ago it was said that a fully loaded half car could accelerate from rest to 100 km / h in 20 seconds, but this information is not repeated now. For example, the presence of regenerative braking is emphasized; Musk stated that as a result, Semis went downhill with cold brakes, which he said was unusual for Trucks. During the presentation, no information was given about the current price, which was originally set at $200,000. Nor was anything said about the exact weight of the halves.