September 22, 2023

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Tesla Model Y hogere prijzen

Tesla raises prices in US, will Europe follow suit?

Image Credit: Tesla

The price of Tesla cars has gone up in the United States. Will Tesla raise prices here too?

If you want to buy a Tesla, it is better not to wait too long. The carmaker has implemented a significant price increase on its US website. This includes significant price increases of $ 2,500 to $ 6,000 for various Tesla models. Car news website Elektrek New Tesla prices mentioned.

For the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, Americans now pay $ 57,990, $ 2,500 more than usual. The lowest price for the Model 3 is $ 46,990. The Model Y is priced from $ 62,990 to $ 65,990 over the Long Range, while the Performance Model is priced from $ 67,990 to $ 69,990. The price of the more expensive Tesla models goes up even more: a Model S is now $ 5,000 more expensive and a Model X $ 6,000. In March, the carmaker had already implemented a price increase.

More expensive raw materials

Tesla did not provide an official reason for the high price, but the car manufacturer can count on the classic arguments. The raw materials for making cars are becoming more expensive, and the constant shortage of computer chips is not helping. CEO Elon Musk is also deeply concerned about the state of the world economy.

In a recent email to his staff, Intercepted by ReutersMusk warned that 10% of workers could leave. They will be the first Do not want to follow the new rules in working from home.

Is Tesla price rising in Belgium too?

It will be interesting to see how Tesla prices develop in Europe. On average, these are already higher than in the US because Tesla has to import its cars into Europe (Model Y cars are now available) Made in BerlinModel X can be obtained in Belgium from, 52,990 (step This overview of autogids.beYou have to pay 129,990 euros for the most expensive model S.