January 31, 2023

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Tesla will start delivering semi-trucks this year and will follow the Cybertruck in 2023 – picture and sound – news

800 km is enough to drive from Maastricht to Groningen and back again.

Especially in these times, it makes a lot of sense to transfer for national trips to drive electrically…provided there is a truck with a suitable distance like this.

I have no idea how to load this Tesla truck, but I can imagine the logistics sector has more potential to use faster loading technologies than ordinary people. From a different battery design for larger parallel charging, to more powerful charging stations.

Perhaps returning the hot-swappable battery to the logistics sector wouldn’t be so stupid.
This didn’t work for the private sector, because Tesla can no longer guarantee that your battery will be as healthy as your original battery.
But logistics are less affected by this, because there are contract models, in which Tesla mainly rents batteries, and it only has to ensure that with a certain battery, picked up at a certain pickup point, the truck will reach the next destination.
The transmission methods are almost always the same, so it would be more cost-effective for Tesla to install battery exchange points.

In addition, the price of electricity is more stable than the price of oil. At least you don’t rely on pipelines that pass through unstable countries. And the electricity grid is much larger and therefore more powerful (in the worst case, we import nuclear power from France, or hydropower from Norway, if another country threatens us). Plus your transportation costs are not affected by OPEC and all speculators.